McConnell Extends Himself

Oh parts and guns, parts and guns, it’s a sort of theme day here at Rumproast. But what with the ole saltpeter pouch up there, celebrated humorist Mitch “Cuddles” McConnell, taking to Facebook to harry Harry Reid over his failure to pass the background-check gun bill, how can one not notice how inextricably, amongst the ‘Baggy crowd, parts and guns are entwined?

Naturally, with Newtown families in the Senate chamber (or, “props,” as the GOPs like to style sentient beings with legitimate grievances against the reign of Senator Yertle), the testudinous Kentuckian was unable to pump his claw in the air, but once he repaired to the Cloakroom, it was Katie bar the Iphone! What more hilarity could ensue than MitchMemes’ (take note, Rep. Hansen) LOLguns?

What a synecdouche. (Hat tipped respectively to Lowkey and mainmati. All glory, or blame, properly punctuated hate mail etc, to them.)

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Senator Yertle.

Snerk! Also, haw!

Thanks, Quaker—Senator Yertle is cruisin’ for a tortalanche, and the sooner he lands face down in the bladderwort, the better.

Blech, that cocky reptile.  Part of the reason he’s taking such a vulgar victory lap is that he’s terrified of a primary from some cro-magnon tea-drooler.

I hope you break your arm patting yourself on the back, Yertle.

That guy has one of the most imminently punchable faces I have ever seen.  Surely at some point karma will intervene….

Blech, that cocky reptile.

[cf. Gary Shandling as Verne in “Over the Hedge”]

Surely at some point karma will intervene….

I think it’s about time Cheney invited him on a quail hunting trip.

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