Meanwhile, on Earth 2, Masterfully Conceived Health Care Reform Sails Through Congress in 1993

And because this attempt at reform isn’t torpedoed by arrogance, secrecy and fumbling compromise, the Contract With America is laughed out of Congress after the 1994 Democratic mid-term landslide. Subsequently, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act dies in committee as the nation’s attention is focused on the impeachment of Newt Gingrich; George W. Bush withdraws from the 2000 Primaries following revelations of misconduct and dereliction during his abortive sweetheart assignment to the Texas National Guard; the 9-11 attacks are averted when President Albert Gore orders a wordwide crackdown on al Qaeda in response to his intelligence briefing on the morning of August 6, 2001; and Chicago is selected as the site of the 2016 Olympic Games.

In 2009, newly-seated Supreme Court Chief Justice Hillary Clinton and Associate Justice Barack Obama side with the majority ruling that awards the closely-contested Presidential election to Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich, over the objections of GOP challenger Alan Keyes.

Also, Superman marries Lana Lang—but remember, this is a parallel Earth where crazy shit happens.

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The mind boggles at the parallel universe. All hail Croker and his mighty ray gun! And screw Newt & Lieberman anyway.

The Gore Administration’s Barrier Island Preservation Initiative was a worldwide model for flood control, as affirmed in the Crescent City in 2005, during a level 3 hurricane in which storm surge barely made it past the mouth of the Missippi.

By the way, Strange, is there any way you could photoshop some lipstick onto Hillary up there? Say about a tube and a half?

meanwhile here on earth 1 the tools are forced to buy junk insurance that doesn’t cover young women’s reproductive options, but does subsidize John McCain’s viagra.

you been pwned

you been pwned

You know, that’s the only comment you ever make, and it’s still not true.

I got exactly what I wanted—Hillary lost. And all the PUMAs got was a lousy T-shirt. Sweet.

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