Mentally unbalanced person hatches cunning plan to support mascara habit

Attention suckers! Now that you’ve packed away your 100 copies of Going Rouge and purchased all the Tea Bagger bling you’ll ever need, you’re probably wondering if there’s another two-bit huckster out there who’d like to relieve you of your money.  Fear not. America continues to maintain a healthy credulous dimwit/scam artist ratio. Whoo! U.S.A.  [via TPM]:

Taitz also said on her blog this week that she is considering running for state office in California, either for attorney general or secretary of state, so she could sue Obama for his records [Yes, that Taitz. The one with the law school degree she got by sending in 95,682 UPC labels from her Revlon products. -ed].

“We don’t need 50 secretaries of state or 50 Attorney Generals suing Obama. If only one sues and gets discovery, we are done,” she wrote. [For a given value of “done” because a conspiracy theorist will never accept evidence that counters whatever the neighbor’s koi have told him because any evidence that appears to counter the theory MUST BE FALSE. -ed.]

She also said she’d need $3,000 to $4,000 to start her campaign, and estimated a run would cost $100,000 in all. Taitz also said she’d need a campaign manager and volunteers. [Next time you think your job sucks, imagine working for this whack-a-loon. Or don’t. Your boss might be kind of startled if you run up to him and kiss him on the lips. -ed.]

So there you go, your latest money pit. She’s got a PayPal button on her blog. Just remember, when you look at the negative balance on your bank account, it’s them damn sozializt demoncrats’ fault!

Have fun!

[xp 300]

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Will she be doing dental work whilst she is attorney generaling? From a friend:

So I am now on Tony’s insurance and I was looking for a dentist who accepts my insurance. Look who I found in the provider directory:

Taitz, Orly
Appealing Dentistry 29829 Santa Margarita Pkwy
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

I am so tempted to go to her! I’d wear an Obama Hope t-shirt and an Obama ’08 hat.

kathequa, tell your friend that unless she likes picking chips of molar out of her uvula, she should rethink this.

If I’m not mistaken, this suit will instantly be thrown out, as she has no standing; that’s why she had to find someone in the military willing to file suit previously.

No, kathequa, encourage your friend to go through with this. Then report back promptly.

The Taitzbot running for office would be full of win. I hope she announces on the Capitol steps so I can go and watch, and bask in the radioactive warmth of pure, pure insanity.

Yeah Orly, you line up your 100k for your run as AG. That 100k would get you, say, a month of campaigning, but hey, you’re an attorney, a dentist and a real estate agent so you could also use your campaign as one big fucked up advertising campaign.

That’s what I was thinking, “She really thinks she can run for any office anywhere for 100k?  I’ve got a bridge to sell her and it won’t barely run her $35,000!”

Oh please, please, please let her daft followers allow themselves to be fleeced enough to support her running an actual campaign this year! 

The sheer entertainment value of that possibility means that I had better start buying stock in buttered popcorn soon!

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