Michael Steele’s Soft Serve

Ha ha.  The RNC wins a softball game no one knows or cares about and Michael Steele gets excited that they “kicked it!” and decides to record a video to tell Republicans this is “the start of something really big.” Because they won a softball game.  By one run.

Good christ, I love Michael Steele. Can they make him chairman for life?

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RNC rulz, DNC droolz!

This can only be good news for John McCain.

Wait a minute.  Softball?

Does this mean the Republicans are lesbians?

Does this mean the Republicans are lesbians?

Yes, every last one of them.  Especially Steele.

Steele seizes the moment, and invests it with momentousness.

That is a rare talent. Only Super Dave Osborne had more skill at raising expectations for a spectacular, cringe-making face-plant.

Anyone who witnessed a Bush or Cheney interview on Fox News has never doubted that Republicans are skillful when it comes to handling softballs.

(And in further re: handling softballs, anyone who has seen the homemade porn videos between Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove ...)

Thomas Sowell can’t live forever. Steele’s future is assured.

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