Michele Bachmann Ramps up Crazy Meter to 11!!!!

And considering how high it was before (remember her call to investigate her fellow Members of Congress for signs of UnAmerican activity?) now it’s, like, really, really high.

Last week she introduced a bill calling for a Constitutional amendment that would prohibit the administration from replacing the dollar with any form of international currency.  This despite no plans by the administration to do so and Congressional testimony to that effect.  (Our gaffe-meister of a Treasury Secretary had previously indicated that he was open to a proposal by the governor of China’s central bank to increase the use of the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights.  The you-know-who crowd immediately jumped on this as an indication that Geithner and Obama want to REPLACE THE DOLLAR WITH CHINESE FUNNY MONEY!!!!!!  Obama, Geithner and Ben Bernanke have all rejected this idea categorically.)

Last week she called for REVOLUTION in America to stop Obama from taking us down the road of “economic Marxism”.

Now here she is on Hannity saying we need to “suit up” and fight for our country!  There is an embarrassing (for her although she doesn’t realize it) segment showing her at a recent Congressional hearing where she demands that Geithner point to exactly where in the Constitution any of his authority comes from.  He responds, looking confused (as was I), that the Constitution gives Congress the authority to make laws and establish positions such as his.  But she keeps hammering on where is it in the Constituion!  Back to the interview, she states that Congress passes laws that are unconstitutional.  Hannity also provides a WTF moment when he accuses Geithner of being the architect of the AIG bonuses! 

(via Wonkette)

Wow, just . . . wow.  Between the “Late Night Term Paper We’re Pretending is a Budget” presented last week, Michael Steele’s ongoing antics (the latest of which were documented today by Betty Cracker) and this kind of stuff I srsly hope someone is taking notes for a new sit com.  “Those Darn Republicans!” or something like that.

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Michele Bachmann Ramps up Crazy Meter to 11!!!!

Umm, isn’t that like stating in 11-eventy billion point headline font that HumboldtBlue drinks beer and smokes cigarettes?!111!!!!1111!11!!

Does Chinese funny money come in those sweet little cracker-cookie thingies?

Suit up and fight, eh? I bet she was thinking of Dubya in his Mission Accomplished flight suit with Xtra Bulgee Nad Protector. Gah.

Every time I realize this woman is becoming the new face of the GOP I feel the urge to do a happy dance. Now all we need is a little more Palin. Also.

And that leads me into song ...

All we need is some SarahPac
All we nee-eed is you
All we need is some SarahPac
To go spread out some pooo

All we need is some SarahPac
To go spread out some pooo

And I’m thinking they will oblige.

Next week on a very special episode of “Those Darn Republicans:”

That kooky Michele Bachmann attempts a coup d’etat while the President is out of town at the G20.  Will she be able to put everything back to normal at the White House before the grownups return?

I happened to be watching C-Span during that interchange between Bachman and Geittner.  It was bizarre.  She repeated over and over “where in the constitution…?”  and he kept saying the congress was given the power to pass laws and they passed one to give the Treasury the power to do what he’s doing.  She was on auto-pilot though and ignored his answers.

The woman is even nuttier than she looks which is saying something.

Bachmann was a guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show last week, and the crazy was so thick it clogged speakers nationwide, mercifully rendering the entire shouting wingnut industry mute for a day. Yglesias has the goods.


I guess she fills the “batshit-crazy GOP female” role that Kitty Harris had to give up. Kitty was a bit more flirtatious, though.

Tom65, I’ve often wondered if maybe MB is KH’s northern cousin. There is a certain resemblance.

Tom, Betty—I was just remarking the uncanny resemblance myself.  Unfortunately, a search for especially similar-looking images reminded me of the freakish silicone factor.

Comment by sean on 03/31/09 at 11:27 AM
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