Mishigas Primary Results Thread

Aw shit, it’s on now! And it’s ready to face off against Santorum!

TONIGHT: integration of church and state versus integrated circuitry in the form of Lurch with a well-coiffed pate! Here’s a place for you to root your candidate on, provide updates, whatever. Me, I’ve gotta head down to the ER and find out what that popping sound was when I wrote that first sentence, I think I overtaxed my wordplay lobe.

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Fine, I’ll do it. Yay Rick, you’re number one! (waves foam hand) Oh wait, no, all the numbers but one, right? Though it could easily be incorporated if that’s your thing, I imagine.

(pokes uvula with foam finger over JFK glossy)

Update: fuck

Michigan is the cruelest primary.

Or maybe it isn’t, I just like saying that.

What I found interesting was which religions vote just because of that. In Arizona 92% (last time I looked) of Mormans voted for Romney but only 40 odd percent of Catholics (in both states) voted for Santorum.  And yet he’s running around going ‘Obama is against Catholics!’ when the majority of them don’t want what he’s selling.  Unlike Mormans they admit to it.

Rebecca, Mormons are a bit more insular and tribal in my experience (CO is right next to Mormon Mecca - Utah).  It may have to do with their shared history of serious persecution at the launch of their religion, which was just a little more than 100 years ago.  Their leader and some followers were killed by angry mobs around that time, and this is why they fled to Utah.  They beat that history in Sunday school like a drum. 

If you want an excellent history of the origins of the Mormon religion, their history in context with their trying to escape US legal control, plus a side story of the truly crazy in the FLDS (the fundamentalist wing), read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.  Hell of a writer too.

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