Mississippi Moon, Won’t You Keep On Shining On Me?


One of the goals of the Republicans’ Growth and Opportunity Project aka The Rebranding is to win some elections.  One branch of the party, which is gradually coming to be known as Establishment Republicans believe that a veneer of sanity is the answer.  Those guys, and a handful of gals, mostly represent pre-TEA Party operatives beholden to “old money donors” and corporate sponsors.

Their opposite numbers are younger social and fiscal conservative upstarts with an anarchic streak—Libertarians and practitioners of diverse strains of extremism that appeal to new-money donors and disgruntled establishment tear-aways like the newly activist DeMint Foundation.

As everyone realizes, at this point, party disunity in a two-party system of government can result in unpredictable and sometimes disastrous results.

That was certainly the case in 2012 when Republicans only electoral wins were due to a weird alignment of the stars which cast the anamalous 2010 TEA Party wave coinciding with a US Census year.  Republicans made the most of that confluence and stacked their districts masterfully.  But we know, and they know, that their House majority is far from a mandate and the rest of the 2012 results were a train wreck for the GOP.

The Republican National Committee accurately assessed that something radical and tough-lovish had to happen quickly if Republicans were to avoid an even longer losing streak.  And one of the factors that the RNC zeroed in on was a class of insurgent, often barely qualified, fringe newcomers who loudly and proudly let their freak flags fly and managed to throw away a number of Senate seats that Republicans might have won.

Think Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Josh Mandel . . . and one of the things that all of those failed Senate candidates have in common is a Club for Growth endorsement.

Evidently, Club for Growth didn’t make it to any of the RNC’s Lessons Learned workshops because they’re teeing up some new doozies “colorful” prospects for 2014, one of whom is Chris McDaniel, who is running against six-term Republican incumbent Thad Cochran.

And, so far, McDaniel is demonstrating a lot of Club for Growth-type outsider flair.  On the other hand, he cleans up good.  He’s young, successful and his weak ties to white supremacists are not much more than a wart in Mississippi.  Ditto, some of the rather crude ideas he espoused during his stint as a radio host on a conservative talk show. 

Those just surfaced recently and, of course, McDaniel’s campaign characterized the discovery as the usual “decade old” mud that the liberal press digs up to attack conservative candidates.

One of the pearls in that trove was McDaniel’s pledge that “If they pass [slavery] reparations, and my taxes are going up, I ain’t paying taxes.”  Or this: “Why don’t we all immigrate south, let’s go to Mexico…You know, a dollar bill can buy a mansion in Mexico.”

On a scale of Zero to Limbaugh? meh, and, again, . . . Mississippi.  I don’t think I’d want him for my state senator because I’ve listened to some of his radio riffs [from 2006—not exactly decade-old] and McDaniel sounds sort of childish and self-enthused.  But then I’m old . . .

There are, on the other hand, some far more interesting things about Chris McDaniel and his Club for Growth boosters.  There’s a great Mississippi political blog, Dark Horse Mississippi which has explored the blurry legality of CFG’s PAC support for McDaniel in some fascinating detail.

But, best of all, given McDaniel’s stated position on the homosexual agenda—

McDaniel . . .called the Democratic party “a party of sex on demand” and warned of a plan by Democrats to make “homosexual marriage and polygamy completely legal in all 50 states.

is the fact that one of Club for Growth’s biggest contributors is Peter Thiel, a gay-activist billionaire, who made a fortune founding PayPal. Mr Thiel, in 2010, hosted GOProud’s annual HomoCon event in his Manhattan apartment.  It doesn’t get much gayer than that.

Now, I’m just a casual observer when it comes to Mississippi politics, but something tells me that not all Mississippians would embrace a spiffy new senator bought and paid for by a gay celebrity from New York.  Of course Peter Thiel is not the only contributor to Club for Growth but he’s far and away the biggest one.  In fact, Peter Thiel was the ninth largest individual donor to outside spending groups in the country, during the last cycle.

Now that I think of it, I wonder if Chris McDaniel knows that, himself, or does he just deposit the checks and assumes that Club for Growth is as All-American as the TEA Party?

And, if he finds out? think he’ll tell Mississippi voters?

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Bette, Bette, he’ll tell them he loves teh gay just like Jebus did and they’ll all dance around proving how tolerant they are. Mark my words, before November comes around we’ll be hearing that liberals are the real homophobes too.

All he has to do is utter the incantation “Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Black Panther Welfare Queen!” and his troubles will melt away.  I can’t wait for this shit-stain to take the floor of the Senate. World’s Greatest Deliberative Body indeed.

This is our democracy. Motherfucking treasure it.

HG, the Cabbage Hammer has given up on Benghazi, and such a line of attack won’t help him in the primary.  That doesn’t mean that he won’t continue to make love to that domestic galliform

The smell of panic from the old guard rethugs grows ever stronger….

BBBB, former speechwriter for Walter Mondale Chucky The K isn’t a member of the Conservative Movement.  He’s a neo-con, and he just goes along with most of the BS the Movement is constantly bitching about in hopes that he can talk them into having every Muslim on the planet killed or at the very least turn Iran into a huge field of glass.

Besides, something tells me that Chucky’s opinion doesn’t carry much weight in a Mississippi Republican primary.  Or anywhere south of the Ohio river. Call it a sneaky suspicion.

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