Mitt & Ann & Ted & Seamus

I’m hauling myself out of the phlegmy slough of a joyful spring dose of 24-hour flu here and desperately playing catch-up on work and breathing and stuff like that, so consider yourselves apologized to for the lack of bloggy goings-on. Anyway, I decide to check out what’s eating the blogosphere at the moment, and yup—it’s that dog again.

The old adage goes, “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” But it seems Mitt and Ann Romney just can’t stop doubling down on that infamous dog on roof incident from way back in 1983. I’ve known a few Irish setters in my time, and they’ve by and large been soft old things, albeit bonkers. Judging by the Romneys’ response when ABC’s Diane Sawyer used an “exclusive” interview to raise the issue yet again, that may be a family trait:

Mitt Romney told Sawyer that the Seamus attacks were the most wounding of the campaign “so far” ...

Well, Mitt, it’s only April. Buckle up.

“The dog loved it,” Ann Romney said. “He would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation.”

Yeah, so you’ve both been saying since the story first emerged. Look, it’s an Irish setter—its threshold for “loving it” is pretty damn low. As for “going crazy,” from my experience with the breed, how the heck could you tell?

And here comes the usual TMI:

Adding to the left’s narrative that Romney had little compassion for the animal is a detail from the 1983 trip that Ann Romney confirmed to Sawyer. The dog became sick, defecating all over itself and the windshield of the car, leading Romney to hose them both off before they continued on the drive to Canada.

“Once, he—we traveled all the time—and he ate the turkey on the counter.  I mean, he had the runs,” Ann Romney said, laughing as she explained how the dog got diarrhea.

In a 2007 blog written during Romney’s first campaign for the presidency, Ann Romney said the dog rode “in an enclosed kennel, not in the open air” and compared the experience with a person riding on a motorcycle or roller coaster.

Remind me never to visit Disney World when the Romneys are there.

This all earned the couple another savaging from Dogs Against Romney:

Mitt Romney, when asked by Sawyer if he would do such a thing again, said “Certainly not…,” which would have been a fantastic answer had he not been compelled to add a totally narcissistic qualifier, “...with all the attention its received.”

I repeat: “Certainly not with all the attention its received.”

In other words, Mr. Romney still sees nothing wrong with what he did (despite the fact that 68% of Americans say it was “inhumane”) and the only reason he wouldn’t do it again is to avoid personal political backlash.

And speaking of poopiepants, what the hell ...?

Washed up rocker and reality TV star Ted Nugent appeared at the NRA’s national convention in St. Louis. Nugent, a longtime NRA board member and regular presence at conventions, rallied the NRA faithful on Saturday to vote for Mitt Romney: “Your goal should be to get a couple thousand, per person who’s here, to vote for Mitt Romney in November.”

Nugent called President Obama a criminal and denounced his “vile, evil America-hating administration” which is “wiping its ass with the Constitution.” Taking it a step further, he said that “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Well, that’s something to look forward to, Ted.

Nugent concluded with a call to cut off the heads of Democrats in November: “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?”

“Any questions?” Now where have I heard that before recently? Oh yeah. Is this a campaign theme?

Ted, Ted, Ted. You need to get a new schtick. Here you were back in 2007:

So Ted Nugent roams a concert stage while toting automatic weapons, calls Barack Obama “a piece of——-” and says he told Obama to suck on one of his machine-guns. He also calls Hillary Clinton a “worthless bitch” and Dianne Feinstein a “worthless whore.”

Woah. That makes Bill Maher sound like Gore Vidal.

And now, according to New York Magazine, you’ve distracted the Secret Service from its partying, which probably won’t improve their mood:

A spokesman for the Secret Service tells us, “We are aware of it, and we’ll conduct an appropriate follow up.”

Even worse—you’ve attracted the ire of Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

“Mitt Romney surrogate Ted Nugent made offensive comments about President Obama and November’s elections this weekend that are despicable, deplorable and completely beyond the pale.  He called the Administration ‘vile,’ ‘evil’ and ‘America-hating,’ and said much worse,” she said. “Yet what have we heard from Mitt Romney and the Republican Party, who should be outraged that someone representing them is using language like this to make a political point?  Absolutely nothing.”

Still, we can’t really hold the Romneys responsible for the ravings of a random addled hasbeen one-hit wonder, can we?

Ah. joins the pile-on with a petition:

Nugent has a long history of inflammatory and offensive language, especially against women—here are just a few of Nugent’s disgusting utterances:

(On Hillary Clinton) “You probably can’t use the term ‘toxic c—’ in your magazine, but that’s what she is. Her very existence insults the spirit of individualism in this country. This bitch is nothing but a two-bit whore for Fidel Castro.”

“And if you’re a woman who feels that his lyrics to ditties such as the immortal ‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang’ are sexist, Nugent says, ‘Fuck you and go to a Garth Brooks show. Kiss my dog’s dead, diseased, rotting ass. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re not allowed in Ted’s world. I don’t objectify women. I’d like to think that I’m optimizing their hardware.’”

Feminists “are just women who aren’t getting it often enough.”

And somehow it had escaped my notice that one of Mitt’s sons appears to be an escapee from the Palin clan:

The Romney campaign actively sought and boasted about Nugent’s endorsement in March. Romney’s son Tagg tweeted:

@tromney: Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today. Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!

Which all puts that little kerfuffle over the remarks by Hilary Rosen in perspective, doesn’t it? Heck, even the WaPo’s Fact Checker is getting in on the act:

Romney campaign attaches Hilary Rosen remarks to all Democrats

Here, have a couple of Pinnochios, Romney campaign. And clean up your own act.

There are probably much more important things going on that my enforced furlough means I haven’t had a chance to catch up with yet. You can help me out with that by using this as an open thread if you like.

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“I can’t have the dog on the roof of the car, for Pete’s sake, I’m running for office!”

Seriously, though. Aren’t we all sick of the dog story yet?

I never get sick of the dog story.

It illustrates that Romney is not just a dick when it comes to business, by which I mean Hoovering the money out of other people’s pensions then emptying the bag into his Swiss bank accounts. He also mistreats his own dog.

Anyone who mistreats the family pet has absolutely no soul.

If you like crosswords, there was one a few weeks ago that was a tribute to Gail Collins and her favorite story.

Spoilers and a link to the puzzle (in across lite format) here.

Comment by MikeJ on 04/17/12 at 02:54 PM

Irish Setters are beautiful, sweet, good-natured and dumb as stumps. Abusing one puts you way beyond the pale.
Yes, I can imagine poor Seamus bounding around in excitement, not knowing what was about to happen. Irish Setters love their people. Not all of their people love them back.
The only good thing ever heard from Chris Wallace was when he said to Mittens that he’d no more put his dog on the roof of the car than he would one of his kids.
Romney just laughed nervously. He didn’t get it. Never will. I’ve seen that reaction in other Mormons though I hesitate to say it’s typical. They no more get attached to a pet than they would a potted plant. (As soon as the kids leave home, the animals do too.)

Ann Romney said the dog rode “in an enclosed kennel, not in the open air” and compared the experience with a person riding on a motorcycle or roller coaster.

I challenge Ann & Mitt to ride on a roller coaster for 12 hours (I think that’s how long the drive took).

Remind me never to visit Disney World when the Romneys are there.

Don’t worry, I think they rent the whole thing and have them lock all the plebes out.

The only good thing ever heard from Chris Wallace was when he said to Mittens that he’d no more put his dog on the roof of the car than he would one of his kids.
Romney just laughed nervously.

He’s hoping like hell we don’t find out about the time he lashed one of the boys to the roof for a long drive.

“I can’t have the dog on the roof of the car, for Pete’s sake, I’m running for office!”

Seriously, though. Aren’t we all sick of the dog story yet?

Sure, but it’s a good way to re-introduce the undocumented “help”.

The dog related stuff is well past its sell-by date.

We spend too much time and effort trying to get the attention of a lazy, easily distracted media. When we do, the media seems about 20 stories behind in their reporting.

Each day spent reliving the dog on the car episode is yet another day that mittbot can dodge real, substantive questions like why he will all but eliminate the DOE or why he supports a zombie-eyed, granny-starving Ryan gop budget that balloons the deficit or why he plans to eliminate all gummit funding for PP?

While I agree that the 30 year-old dog story is past its prime and it’s nothing compared to the on-going way Mitt has “earned” his money (why is one dog getting more traction than tens of thousands of jobs destroyed and tens of millions of Government incentives pocketed), I wonder how it is Liberals get browbeat with the “Just let it go, already” brush under the rug, while Cons get to beat things to death and it doesn’t stop until a Democrat resigns from office and then it still is used in all future campaigns.

It’s a stacking of the deck when appeals to integrity only work on one side.

I think it’s an excellent example of the way Mitt is a “problem solver”. That the way he does it is heartless and cruel is just a greater illustration of his character.

No!  These are serious issues of serious import that belong under serious public scrutiny, seriously!  For example, The Right has once again driven a freight train through our narratives, as Seamus-Gate now threatens to bring down the Obama Presidency!  Top Conservative Reading Scientists have made the shocking discovery that Obama has actually eaten dog!  Furthermore, the same scientists have just conclusively proven that Nuh-uh, You Are, a proof that has eluded political scientists for decades!

Meanwhile, Christmas came early for the Warren campaign today, as it was dramatically revealed that Sen. Brown is and has been a sleeper agent, placed by the New York Fucking Yankees!  Has Senator Brown, having been handed the keys to the Fenway Skybox, actually been taking his orders from the Bronx?! It is irresponsible not to speculate as loudly and publicly as possible!

You people want to discuss the budget.  Typical ivory tower nerdery.  You’ll never top Memeorandum that way.

Comment by Lowkey on 04/18/12 at 01:47 PM

The reason this is still an issue goes to the way Willard reacts when it’s brought up.  If he’d just said “It’s not something I’m proud of, I wouldn’t do it again today” the first time it came up, it would be a dead issue.  He can’t admit the fact that he f__ked up.

But he’s double down and defended it, 30 years later.  And that goes double for Ann. 

I don’t plan to carry around a “Dog Owners For Obama” sign, nor do I intend to write letters or blog about Seamus.  But I think the fact that Romney isn’t someone you would trust to look in on your dog while you were out of town will resonate with some voters who might be on the fence.

Uh oh, looks like Romney & the winger idiots think keeping Seamus in the news is a great idea:

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher posted a blog item Tuesday with an excerpt from President Barack Obama’s bestselling memoir “Dreams From My Father,” in which Obama writes of eating dog meat when he was a little boy in Indonesia.

The rest here.

Bring it on.

Comment by JasonM on 04/18/12 at 04:35 PM

The way the righties picked up the “young Barack ate dog meat” is so…cute. 

“The story has a dog in it, so it’s the same right?”

“Oh ho, no…. well, if this was a word-matching game, you’d win!  Yay! Prizes for attendence!”

Ugh. This “24-hour” flu is sizing up to 72 hours and counting, so pardon the coughing.

Yeah, the “Obama is coming fer yer DAWGIES!!!” on top of the revival of the Mobile Pet Hutch That Wouldn’t Die is a masterstroke that heralds what will probably end up being the stupidest election camapaign ever.

Still, there are some consolations. I’ve already spotted a comment to the effect that “I bet he’s eaten human, too, the vile Kenyan yadayadayadawarrgarble.”

This was balanced by the observation that since Obama once as a child ate dog, that makes him forever a dogeater; therefore, the logical conclusion is that Jim Treacher regularly soils himself and leaves it to others to clean him up, bursts into tears hourly, is incapable of piecing together two meaningful syllables, and suckles off his mommy on a regular basis.

Oh, and Ted Nugent is a wimp—all hat, no trousers.

Now somebody post something more germane, for crying out loud! ;0)

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