Mittmentum or Tilting At Oval Offices


My dream, for this Independence Day 2014, is a dream of sweet freedom from the Republican Party in its current psychopathic incarnation.  And, for once, it looks like maybe dreams do come true!

Anyone who doubts that the 21st Century GOP is lumbering inexorably toward the tarpits of history should go, posthaste, to and savor the sweet reek of FAIL.

In an era of frantic Republican rejiggering, nothing quite says political desperation like the notion of trotting out Willard M Romney’s empty suit for yet another rackety run at the Oval Office.  To me, this move says more about the dearth of talent in the Republican party and its donors’ apparent reluctance to throw good money after bad, than it does about any flimsy case that could be made regarding Mr Romney’s presidential qualifications.

One month after it’s debut, has racked up just under 29K supporters—short of a groundswell, as they say in politics.  So far, no one is actually taking credit for this swell idea.  The website prominently displays a disclaimer that Romney has not bankrolled it—actually it’s such a nondescript little canned site that my paperboy could have funded it.  There are no RNC or other traces of GOP branding, just Mitt and Ronnie Reagan playing bookends.

Also, too, there’s the banner link using the 2012 campaign coinage retread “Mittmentum.” Ask Karl Rove about “mittmentum.”  At any rate, that link takes us to the now notorious Washington Times poll that proves, at least in the echo chamber, that: “Hands down, Obama is the worst president since WWII” and that most Americans now regret not having voted for Romney in 2012.

Really?  who recycles embarrassing reminders of a failed attempt?  Even #DraftMitt is a recycled Twitter tag that takes one to a 2013 page tagged with “Because MA needs Mitt Romney in the Senate” with 3 tweets and 10 followers.

I could be wrong but I’m starting to get a sense of Tagg Romney, Campaign Manager, behind the scenes, here.

But the biggest laughs in the midst of all this “Mittmentum” come from a month-old Washington Post article about how elite Republican donors are “longing for Mitt to run again.”

Mr Romney hosted something he called an “ideas summit” in Park City, Utah last month:

Mitt Romney’s ideas summit here was intended to be a passing of the torch to the Republican Party’s would-be saviors, with five potential 2016 presidential candidates jetting in to schmooze with many of the GOP’s biggest donors and present their agendas for the country’s future.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC got the ball rolling during a welcome speech urging guests to start a “Draft Romney” movement because “this is the only person that can fill the stage.”

And, throughout the weekend event, the love kept coming from the GOP Old Guard . . .

George P. Shultz, secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan:

I wish we could call him Mr. President.

But you can’t, Blanche!

Not-Quite-Ready-For-Prime-Time former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer. 

He would be a giant in a field of midgets.

Not even going to touch that one . . .

Despite his disavowals regarding a third presidential run, Romney apparently didn’t think it would hurt to give a campaign speech, anyway, to the friendly room and, naturally, he played to his strong suit—Foreign Policy [!?]:

The Obama-Biden-Hillary Clinton foreign policy is a monumental bust.

said the guy who nearly precipitated several international incidents during his campaign attempts to demonstrate his foreign policy chops.

Spencer Zwick, who organized the summit and in 2012 served as Romney’s national finance chairman, said many attendees believe if the election were held today, Romney would defeat Obama handily.

Well, actually, if the election were held today Romney would beat Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and a whole host of dead presidents, none of whom can run.

Anthony Scaramucci, a prominent investor who traveled the country raising money for Romney in 2012, said nobody in the 2016 field has motivated him to do the same.

“We’re in sort of a limbo period,” Scaramucci said. “The Republican Party is in a very big need of re-engineering . . . unless you identify who the strong leader is to knit that coalition together, but I don’t see it.”

The Republican Party realized, in November of 2012, that it “is in a very big need of re-engineering,”  and even went to the trouble of drawing up a re-engineering plan.

This is as good as it gets, guys!  Pony up for losers or forever hold your peace.

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a 2013 page tagged with “Because MA needs Mitt Romney in the Senate” with 3 tweets and 10 followers

So sad.

Please proceed, Governor.

1) I initially saw the hash tag as:


2) I can hardly wait for Hillary Clinton to say:

Please proceed, Governor.

3) There’s a nice young man up Wisconsin way. Perhaps he can fill the VP slot?

Flop sweat.  Though it was so nice of Mitt to host a conference to pass the torch, no doubt realizing going in that the attendees were going to try to give it back to him.  These 1%ers seem to need constant ego stroking.

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