“Mongrelgate,” My Ass: Who Among Us Didn’t Cry When Old Yeller Died?

When Bill Murray called Americans “mutts,” we all laughed and felt better about ourselves. But, 30 years later, a biracial POTUS catches hell for making the same point using different words.

Lighten up, United States of Francis.

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I’ve got a thirtysomething coworker named Frances who swears up and down that, until I came along, nobody had ever said “Lighten up, Frances” to her. Is that even possible?

From Yahoo:

1.Cheesecake Facto…
2.Jennifer Love He…
3.Britney Spears
4.Miranda Kerr
5.Mark Wahlberg
6.Anne Rice
7.Paul McCartney
8.Lake Michigan
10.Airline Fares

Beyond the little online compound of permanent pearl-clutchers and grievance-farmers, unaware, a nation enjoys its cheesecake bites.

I forgot how much I loved the movie Stripes.  Now I’ve got to make a deter past the video store today and pick it up.  I can watch it tonight and eat cheesecake bites after my phone-banking party.

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