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Representative Paul Ryan, who fears that “we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency,” suffered the tragic loss of his father when young Ryan was 16 years old. The presumably able-bodied Ryan used his father’s Social Security benefits to attend college.

Ryan’s literary hero, Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand, wrote interminable diatribes against the evils of collectivism and statism while collecting Social Security checks.

It’s not the heat; it’s the hypocrisy.

[H/T: Instaputz]

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Don’t these self righteous morons know when they’re spouting their platitudes in quest of fame and power, that there are bowel movements they’ve swept under their carpets?

LOVE the graphic!  So Aynie and her acolyte Paul are hypocrites?  Surprise, surprise.

Eh, she also let Warner Brothers release that piece o’ crap film version of The Fountainhead. No surprise. Though I would like to see someone nail Ryan to the wall. Of course, then it would be “Why are you beating up on somebody who lost their FATHER? Their WHITE father, I mean!”

I swear by my Life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man,
nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine.

That’s all you need to know, people.  Remember that.  Oh, and the preamble to the Constitution. Or maybe not even that much, just the “We the People” part.

Listened to Atlas Shrugged (43 interminable disks while in the car)the elitist message and athe self-righteous tone nearly made me run off the road.

Is there a single stuffed shirt out there who hasn’t been proven to be utterly without hypocrisy?

What I cannot wrap my head around is why their stupid heads aren’t adorning spikes as we speak.

It’s what Matt Taibbi was talking about when he chatted with the Lipton Tea Baggers who were on Medicare and SS or whatnot.  They worked hard and deserved it—other people (you know, the darkies) did not and do not. 

As for Paul Ryan (whom I keep mixing up with Rand Paul), I am sure he feels he earned the money because he had to deal with his father’s death at 16.  He’s a special snowflake—everyone else is just a grifter.

Best graphic ever.

And I learned today that they’ll be screening the trailer for Atlas Shrugged: The Movie at CPAC next month.  I can hardly wait.

Another self-made man of the bootstrap varient.

At this point (51) I’m not looking to see SS or Medicare weakened. If they want to get derelicts that need to act a lttle nuts, or people that get handicap tags for being morbidly obese off the rolls- so be it. Or rein in the potential for fraud (day care centers are popular hereabouts) that costs to document however much we’ll never get back.

The pity is that not too many of the sacred small business owners I’ve known see the value in paying any one employee under middle management enough to support a family. But they got- I mean MADE their opportunity work by force of superhuman will, and having 1 good job foot the bills.

They value their employees to the point that they’d like to keep them right where they are.

Is it me, or does he look a bit like Agent Dale Cooper in that photo?

Nice pic! As I commented over at Instaputz, Rand also had one of her plays promoted by the WPA during the New Deal - and sponged off her relatives when she first emigrated (then apparently cut ties with them when she made good).  She was always a sociopath, parasite and megalomaniac.  She’d make a great Republican presidential pick today!

Meanwhile, a few people in the thread over there are actually arguing that McMegan has principles other than whatever benefits her that second… hahaha.

Finally, Paul Ryan is one of the biggest scumbags in the GOP today, despite stiff competition.

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