Morning After Open Thread and Hangover Cure Swapshop


And how are we feeling this morning? Never mind. You could have a thumping headache and Mitt Romney for president.

Have an open thread to share those schadenfreudy thrills, late results, and reactions till somebody else who knows how to drive this thing and is feeling less fragile than I am gets it together to put up a post.

Posted by YAFB on 11/07/12 at 07:43 AM • Permalink

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The schadenfreude is delicious, but the coming Republican Civil War/Purge/Night of the Long Knives will be even better!

We have always been at war with Chris Christie.

Thank you, Rumproast, for being a refuge of snarky, merry reason.  I start and end most days here, even if I don’t post much.

Oh, and right now, a visit to natesilverwrong yields a white expanse of screen with these words:  This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

It’s almost Zen.

Thanks again, and once the hangovers and such abate, time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  We have a country (and planet) to fix.

Comment by seablue on 11/07/12 at 10:22 AM

It was a great night. I’m glad it wasn’t really close. I kept checking Nate Silver’s projected map the entire night and he killed it. The right-wingers predicting a Romney win or (more often, incredibly) some sort of Romney landslide just look like fools, although I don’t have any illusions about them facing any consequences for their failures.

It’s a huge relief that we don’t have to worry about the Supreme Court, health care, and the like. And of course when you think about the campaign that Romney ran and how nasty so many people on the right have been up until now, last night was sweet sweet sweet.

Just for shits and grins and auld lang syne, I checked in over at PUMA PAC, where Murphy had this gem:

I think there is no way in hell that obama will win all four of Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


PUMA needs to change their tagline.

Four years later and still wrong as fuck.

Luther has a few words for the haters: v=eX8tL3PMj7o

Comment by Nellcote on 11/07/12 at 10:55 AM

Citizens United: failed.
Unprecedented obstructionism specifically designed to unseat Obama: failed.
Magical thinking applied to polls: failed.
Race-baiting, woman-demonizing, moocher-sneering: failed.

I can’t see that the Republicans have any *choice* now but to double down on all of this.

Wow, the PUMA Live-Thread from last night has so many LOLZ.

I can’t understand the cognitive disonance that brings someone to celebrate Elizabeth Warren’s election in one post and lamenting the President’s re-election in the next.  The two do stand for probably 99% of the same stuff.

I wrote a quick “YES, Obama WINS!” note to my close Canuckian friend late last night.

His response this morning was “does this mean the republicans will finally jettison the religious wing nuts in their party that want to take the world back to the Middle Ages?”  My response was nah, what Xecky said above; they WILL double down, count on it!

Is Ted Nugent dead or in jail yet?

Once again, from PUMA PAC:

ipotter 11.07.12 at 10:04 am

Four more years of nothing but o-ahole sermons. Words don’t fix anything, as we have seen during the last four years.


Self-awareness never was their strong suit.

Is Ted Nugent dead or in jail yet?

Sounds like he’s working on it - bleeding out of his eyes
The responses are lovely.

Comment by HG Hay on 11/07/12 at 01:34 PM

Dean Chambers hasn’t exactly been quick to update his site. I’m surprised he didn’t have some spin already planned out - he clearly anticipated this.

Did the Secret Service catch up with The Donald, or is the arch-revolutionary still on the run?

Amazingly enough, Dean Chambers admits he was wrong

‘Unskewed’ Pollster: ‘Nate Silver Was Right, And I Was Wrong’

“Dean Chambers, the man who garnered praise from the right and notoriety on the left for his “Unskewed Polling” site, admitted today that his method was flawed.

“Nate Silver was right, and I was wrong,” Chambers said in a phone interview.”


“But he said he probably won’t go back to “unskewing” polls next time. He actually thinks conservative-leaning pollsters like Scott Rasmussen have a lot more explaining to do.

“He has lost a lot of credibility, as far as I’m concerned,” Chambers said. “He did a lot of surveys. A lot of those surveys were wrong.”

YAFB, did you finish the Glenmorangie? Should I get another from the duty free on the flight back to Glasgow? Suffering from pizza and white wine overdose. (And that was breakfast…)
Any of youse watching MSNBC last nite, I stayed overnight with my friend, whose husband was in NYC colouring in the states on the Democracy Plaza ice-rink map. We all have our part to play ...

YAFB, did you finish the Glenmorangie?

Good Lord, no! It was a fun night and all, but a liter of whisky’s a wee bit more than I can handle.

‘liter’ - it’s a litre, unless you want to emigrate and assimulate (cough). Re: Glenmorangie - good, I can just bring in my litre of cheap vodka instead - and Paul (Mighty) Ryan in a mini-rucksack, ‘cause he’ll be needing to be escaping either Tea Partiers or ‘Rmoney’s Moderates’, who won’t be pleased with him.



Mighty big of Dean Chambers, although he should probably apologize specifically to the Republican Party apparatchik for enabling their delusion.


Slow clap.

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