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Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:44 am EST    
I heard that there was a fire at the dry cleaners on 9th st and 8th ave this morning. Lots of fire trucks and ambulances. I know this is where they’re also setting up to film the Nicholas Cage movie tonight and tomorrow. I wonder if they film equipment or cables started the fire? Or how this will affect their filming. Anyone have more info on this?

Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:45 am EST
if it keeps nick cage from making another movie it could be seen as a blessing.

SIDE NOTE: Is my lovely wife Chris the only person who’s driven crazy by Cage’s lack of sideburns over the past several years?  I may have to go track down his trailer and plead with him to grow them back.

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I loved Nick Cage when he first hit the scene in Racing with the Moon (starring the criminally underused Elizabeth McGovern) and of course in Raising Arizona, but man, he’s slid since then. And him winning an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas over Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking was a travesty. One not made better by Penn winning for Mystic River, in which I thought he overacted shamelessly. But I loved Penn in Milk.

But yeah—Cage. He doesn’t seem to understand that the quirky-creepy-funny guy he was twenty years ago hasn’t aged well in the action hero genre.


In Alabama, what do hurricanes, divorce and fires have in common?

Answer: Someone always loses a trailer.

And him winning an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas over Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking was a travesty.

Oh, I disagree.  I really liked Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, but I know a lot of folks disagree with me. I loved that scene where he crashed into the poolside table and called himself a prickly pear. Perfect combo of sad and funny.

But, yeah, his career has been a mess since then. Matchstick Men had its moments, but aside from that and his cameo in Grindhouse‘s “Werewolf Women of the SS” fake trailer, it’s been pretty straight downhill for him.

His Duuude bigtime action-adventure stuff is pretty wretched. I will literally kill before being foced to watch Con Air or The Rock again.

Teh sideburns, I could not care less about, unless of course he re-introduces Tiny Elvis!

The absence of Cage’s sideburns doesn’t bother me. The presence of Cage, that bothers me.

“Ghostrider” was filmed around the corner from my house. I moved across town in order to help me forget the horrifying image of Cage in a fright wig, only to have him return a few years later to shoot “Knowing” around the corner from my new digs.
Feel my pain.

Oh, come now!  I enjoyed him in “Bringing out the Dead” and, to some extent, “Lord of War.”  I haven’t dared to see any of the Disney/action stuff, though, because it’s just so obviously wrong.

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