My God, it’s full of bonkers!

Recovering from a week or so off blogging (we’ve had a heatwave, and believe me, in these climes, when that happens, you grab every chance to get outdoors) and trying to get up to speed with what’s eating folks stateside, I did my usual rounds of the news sites and blogs and ended up with some trepidation on Memeorandum.

The tail end of yesterday, it was all hullabaloo over some spat between a speedway bomber I’d never heard of and a blogger I never read along with a bunch of assholes trying to gin up a hot war with liberals everywhere, and today it’s OUTRAGE!!!! that President Obama committed a careless but hardly unprecedented slip of the tongue when doling out a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Polish Resistance fighter Jan Karski for his part in combating the Nazis in the World War 2 and referred to “Polish Death Camps” rather than Nazi ones and seemingly Armageddon’s on the horizon. Ugh, not good, and worthy of an apology (notwithstanding Booman’s quibble), but it’s grimly hilarious to see the right engaged in a feverish political correctness campaign that’ll last as long as the spittle holds out and the wheels don’t come off, at which point the Polack jokes will no doubt kick in again.

Meanwhile, as Vixen Strangely’s covered, Mitt still hearts The Donald (gotta get over that 50% somehow after all), who thinks birtherism is “a great issue for Mitt Romney”—skilfully surfing the zeitgeist, as Trump’s also feeding the buzz on the righty blogs that has now segued into transcripterism—at which point the Romney campaign thinks it’s a dandy idea to release what it claims is a facsimile of Mitt’s own birth certificate (but who the hell knows?), which confirms yet again that his own pa was furrin, spurring Dan Riehl to reach back into the 1960s for evidence of Democratic double standards concerning presidential eligibility and asking—without a question mark, but still just asking, OK?—whether it’s a question of race, and ignoring the fact that the pack o’ rightwing loons who’ve been clamoring incessantly about Obama’s eligibility seem to be eschewing such double standards and are apparently quite prepared to go after Mitt on similar grounds, if we’re to believe Dana Milbank, and who wouldn’t?

Meanmeanwhile, of course—and MUCH more germane to anything approaching what passes for reality nowadays—comes the news via Betty that the State of Florida has moved on from 2000 and Rick Scott isn’t content to wait till the election this time to disenfranchise whole demographic blocs of its voters.

I need a lie down. What other headshaking or earthshattering developments have I missed?

More: I’m sort of relieved to see that my blogboggling isn’t just the result of a blissful period of absence—our own Big Bad Bald Bastard explores the recent emissions from the bonkertariat and comes up with a not unreasonable conclusion:

The entire conservative movement is nothing but a huge role-playing game... it’s a bunch of bored suburbanites sitting at their computers and collectively simulating a fantasy world in which they can play heroic roles in order to save their world from the forces of evil... it’s basically World of Wingnuts.

Sadly gone are the days when a simple Ctrl-Alt-Del could provide salvation.

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“A huge role-playing game….”
For the psychologically inauthentic, that’s how they live.

Sorry, that’s too elitist. Okay, let’s just call them limp-dicked wingnuts.

Well, Orly Taitz has California Republican leaders a bit worried.

As for the Poles? not only are they second in history in their centuries-long persecution of the Jews they deserve about as much sympathy as the Croats, the Baltic states and every other goddamned central and Western European nation that used “the Jews” as an excuse to rape, pillage and burn.

The Poles, like their Slavic brothers to the East have been murdering and persecuting Jews since the first shtetl was formed. They don’t get a pass because the Nazis kicked their ass and then they acquiesced.

Those trains weren’t filled by people named and condemned as Jews by the good volk of Bavaria or Dresden, nope, those trains were filled with the neighbors of Polish Jews. We see the exact same dynamic from their cousins in the Ukraine.

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 05/30/12 at 12:52 PM

For those rightly wary for fear of malware of visiting Orly’s site referred to via HB’s link above, she’s apparently commissioned a poll (all typos sic):

Posted on | May 15, 2012 | 10 Comments

CaliforniaSurvey of 500 Likely Voters

Conducted May 9, 2012

By Pulse Opinion Research

1* If the election for U.S. Senator fromCaliforniawere held today for whom would you vote?
10% Republican Doctor, Attorney and Businesswomen Orly Taitz
6% Republican Businessman and CPA Greg Conlon
41% Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein
3% Republican businessman Al Ramirez
2% Republican Educator, Author and Businessman Nachum Shifren
3% Democratic Consumer Attorney Mike Strimling
6% Republican Business Attorney Rick Williams
6% Republican Businesswomen and Non-Profit Executive Elizabeth Emken
5% Some other candidate
17% Not sure

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence

That’s a long queue to get trounced by Feinstein. Orly should have run for president. Nobody checks birth certificates or stupid details like that, so they say.

World of Wingnuts indeed… best description yet of the fantasy world that conservatives repeatedly tell themselves they live in…

That link goes to the OC Register, not to dear Orly’s house of Pancakes and anesthesia-free dentistry.

That link goes to the OC Register


Orly’s site referred to via HB’s link above

The OCR’s always worth a visit. ;O)

HB nails it re: Poland’s history with their Jewish population.  Its still quite relevant too; I heard a story on NPR recently about the rather remarkable (and not unexpected in times of economic uncertainty) rise in anti-Semitism in Poland.  Latvia as well.  Oh, and Hungary too; can’t forget Hungary.

As my Jewish husband says, “if we Jews control all the world’s money, how come I’m not rich?”

Surprised Ms Taintz isn’t polling at 27%  I can hardly wait for the Feinstein/Taintz debate!

Romney’s wimpy, non-rejection of Donald Trump did nothing to win over the Birthers.

Surprised Ms Taintz isn’t polling at 27%

Let’s see if she’s at 27% of the Republicans - there’s 33% among all the explicitly Republican candidate. Her 10% overall would be 30% among them, then, so with MOE and rounding slop and all she might just be at the magic number on their side!

The OCR’s always worth a visit. ;O)

I don’t think Humboldt Blue said that…only that it’s not Orly’s International House of Viruses.

Anyway, I look forward to the Feinstein vs. Taitz…“campaign” sounds very…maybe “entertaining”‘s the word.

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