My Inaugural Poem

Last night, on the drive to work, I heard an interview on PBS Newshour with Richard Blanco, the poet chosen to read a poem at the second inauguration of the Kenyan Usurper.  While I have no animosity toward Mister (or should I say Señor?) Blanco, I’m a little miffed that I wasn’t chosen as the inaugural poet.  I mean, I totally wasted about five minutes writing my inaugural poem:

A second term!
The wingnuts squirm,
And each cries for his momma.
The president
Is still a gent
Named Barry H. Obama.

Anybody up for contributing additional stanzas?

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Four more years
Excite more wingnut fears
Of how we’ll put our house in order.
We’ll collect their guns!
And gay-marry their sons!
And open up the border!

And who’s that dame
Whose very name
Turns wingnuts minds to Jell-O?
The FLOTUS, she,
Come praise with me
The lady named Michelle O.

(Betty!  Scansion!  Scansion!)

Birthers verklempt,
filled with comtempt,
point fingers, shouting lies—
Let’s raise a glass,
they showed their ass
“Here’s mud in your eye!”

As he raises his hand,
Across the land,
Republicans are crying.
He’s a socialist,
He’s a communist,
Please get it straight when you’re lying.

High fives all around!  Such brilliance on display…

Haikus are fun, too.

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