My morning

We went out for a few drinks last night with icebergwedge and missmira, the myiq2xu slayer. Got up at 6:15 this morning and seriously hated the world. Like really hated it.  Dragged my sorry ass to the gym. Watched Morning Joe on the treadmill. Hawkface is still a dick. Mika got upset when they showed a close-up of Sarah Palin’s face because I guess that’s sexist. Running while watching Peggy Noonan made me queasy. Stopped running. Listened to the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks while I was lifting weights. Haven’t listened to that in a while and really enjoyed it. Some day I will be as buff as Sid Vicious. Went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for the stuffing we’re bringing to tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner. Found out from the cashier that I qualified to get a free turkey! Barack Obama is magical! After only two speeches he’s gotten the economy back on track. Things are so good that THEY’RE GIVING AWAY FREE TURKEYS! Take that, you whiny netroot killjoys! Errrmmmm. Okay… pull it back. I then had to lug a nearly 22 pound frozen turkey home along with the rest of the groceries. This made me cranky after some seriously deranged jubilation at the grocery checkout. Jammed the bird into the freezer.  Poured myself a coffee.  Started writing this. THE END.

So what did you do this morning?

BONUS: Since we’re introducing people to our pets, here’s my cat Hubcap.  She doesn’t want anything to do with you…

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You had drinks with icebergwedge and missmira? Damn, I’m jealous. You people who live in incorporated areas get to have all the fun, not like us Real ‘Merkin bumpkins.

My morning hasn’t been nearly as exciting as yours. No one has offered me a free turkey (though admittedly, they’d have to had come to my house to do so). I’m playing pediatric nurse to a 10-year-old drama queen with a bum knee.

I also had to drag the garbage cans to the curb since Mr. C forgot—and on the day they’re heaviest since I cleaned out the fridge to make room for the feast goodies! We have a deal—I make coffee every single day, and he takes out the trash. Well, he can make his own damn coffee tomorrow.

I’m trying to get a couple of projects out the door so I can go to the grocery store while the rest of the suckas are at work. Maybe I’ll get my free turkey then. Whether purchased or a Magical Obama gift fowl, I will be brining it shortly and supervising pre-teen pie-making. See, I told you it was boring.

I got up, had some breakfast, then dragged a ridiculously large pile of books that the Mr. used for his paper with me to work so I could bring ‘em back to the library. Sat at my desk, ignoring large list of items to be done in order to read personal email and myspace items. Just looked at list. Time to get on it.

Hubcap despairs of all humanity, except you, Kevin.

I also had to drag the garbage cans to the curb since Mr. C forgot

That’s what you get for marrying a jazz man! You should have married someone who was into Stryper.  I hear they’re really good with household chores.

I’ll update you when I actually do something! Right now, I’m procrastinating. Or as I like to think of it, “lame ducking.”

LOL! I think I’d rather have full-time trash duty than to ever hear Stryper.

I got up at 5 to get ready for work. I slurped down a cup of coffee while scanning the morning newspaper, which arrived just in the nick of time before I had to leave. Got to work at 6, set things up for the ladies (I work at a Curves fitness club) and motivated some sleepy women to work out.

I worked til 9, then I did my own workout, then came home to find my diligent fifteen-year-old son practicing his Christmas song on the piano. He performs in the school music program on Tuesday and he’s still working on “Sleigh Ride”, which is seven pages long. (!) It’s sounding good right up until the last two pages, which clearly still need work.

Now I’m checking my email, blogs, and answering a few posts then it’s off to the magical kitchen fairyland, where I will whip up a couple of pies (apple and cherry) and a batch of Chex party mix for the big day tomorrow, when I will have thirteen guests for Thanksgiving dinner. The bulk of the baking happens tomorrow; I just want to get some stuff out of the way early.

I’m tired already.

I got my son to school.  Had one conference call where I promised to have some work done today, which isn’t happening because I’m reading blogs and fretting about cleaning the house.  I’m also worryied about accidentally adding butter or milk to the vegetarian shepherd’s pie I’m making for the one vegan coming tomorrow.

In regards to pets, no cats or dogs here:
bunnies only

In regards to pets, no cats or dogs here: bunnies only

Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone’s dogs and cats, but I think Terry wins this going away.

Unless someone owns an extra adorable ferret.

I got my sorry ass up this morning, Mrs. Hussein got to sleep in because she teaches at a community college, and of course their out already.  Maybe I should take a pic of the ugly spotted non-social cat that apparently sleeps under my Cherokee?  Cats…not a fan…sorry Kevin.  Got to work…of course my wonderful boss took today off to drive up north to fam.  I have to work, telecom is so fun especially getting a CLEC off the ground and dealing with AT&T;, Qwest and XO(yeah their stock has Icahned down to about .12 a share, I’ll buy that all day) Ahhh and the wonderful multiple personality that is Verizon…or is Verizon Wireless, or is it Verizon Business..MCI???
Of course not too much will get done today…ss7/signalling handshake issues…wink wink; or a loop somewhere in the DS3…oh well pick your excuse, I’ll be posting comments around them intertubes today!

Not to mention dreading the drive from NC to B-more with family riding along..Damn you Virginia access roads and two-lane highways!

Oh and I guess I can go with Hawkface, I usually just call him Dylan the Douche when I’m yelling at the screen.  Speaking of Douches did anyone see the bags that were on Donnie Deutsch last night lining up to attack Maxine Waters?

And is it me, and it probably is…but I find Peggy Noonan sexy(for a clearly older woman)...not in that freaky Rue McClanahan kinda way, but you know…and practically the most intelligent of the crew…behind Lawrence O’Donnell of course.

I just wanted to say that I’m glad to hear there’s a myiq slayer out there.  The blogosphere is a safer place as a result.

Christina at YTD has been a great Murphy slayer, and I look forward to the day when a blogosphere justice defense league gets formed.

Perhaps Joss Whedon needs to know about all this internet demon slaying going on?  My only concern is that the 1 blogger per internet demon model may prove inefficient going forward.

AltHippo, yowza, madamab and bugfucker in the same thread.  I applaud your efforts.

And Murphy and myiq2xu both seem to be covered sufficiently.

AltHippo, sweet jeebus, you’ve got a full-on bugfucker infestation going on over there. That’s a whole lotta ponderous. You have the patience of a saint.

Thanks!  You know how you need to stay away from your home after hitting a wasp nest?  That’s how I feel about my blog right now.

AltHippo - you’re a DL-er?  Mr. Gimme and I have a small on in Pennsauken, NJ.

Yes, indeed.  I co-host the DL in Dupont Circle on Thursdays.  If you’re ever in town please stop by and say hi.

Next Thursday (Dec 4) we’re having Mark Benjamin of guest speak.  He’s written about bugfuckery, I mean holding the Bushies accountable for torture.

aww…kevin - re:

the myiq2xu slayer.

you’re so sweet! I couldn’t help myself…

my morning - wake up super early (for me) put the dirty dishes to soak in the sink and the chinese leftovers in the trash. go to work to set everything up, trek on the f train like a bunch of other fools, to the lovely grand central terminal so we can escape on metro-north to my pa’s place. read almost the whole nytimes.

it was lovely having a pre-thanksgiving drink wit-chus, have a great turkey-day tomorrow ya punks!!!

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