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In his brave speech yesterday, Barack Obama gave us a preview of what it would be like to have a president who addresses US citizens as if we were adults capable of understanding complex issues and nuance. In stark contrast to what we’ve been exposed to for the interminable length of the Bush administration, not only was the speaker able to assemble multi-syllabic words into coherent sentences, paragraphs and themes, he did us the honor of assuming we were able to comprehend more than bumpersticker slogans and monochromatic portrayals of us vs. them, good vs. evil.

Obama staked his entire candidacy on our ability to get it. He must have known Fox News, the National Review and Rush Limbaugh would cherry-pick his speech to pair nuggets like “Jeremiah Wright is like family to me” with clips of Wright’s unhinged rants. Obama must have known Limbaugh’s sole take-away from the speech would be that Obama has become “the candidate of race.”

But to Limbaugh and his regrettably numerous ilk, Obama or any other black man was always the candidate of race. The speech had nothing to do with that. To the Limbaughs of the world, Donovan McNabb, Doug Williams or Vince Young will always be the black quarterback propped up by a fawning media. It doesn’t matter how many playoff games they win or how many white quarterbacks they outperform. A black quarterback could win the Super Bowl single-handedly, and Limbaugh would discern affirmative action in the referees’ calls. That’s just how Limbaugh rolls, and nothing will ever change it. Obama knows this.

Read it all. And if you’re a blogger and you haven’t added Betty to your blogroll yet, what in the hell are you waiting for?

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Thanks, man. You made my day (belatedly—the demands of commerce keep interferring with my blogging.)

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