MyHRC’s Jerome Armstrong is a very stupid man or… of the most willfully dishonest peckerheads in the leftosphere:

I don’t think Clinton brining [sic] up the issue of Wright was a matter of keeping the story alive. The polls show that nearly 90% of Americans already know and have an opinion about it, that’s a done deal. Rather, Clinton was belatedly putting some needed distance between herself and Wright. [emphasis added—ed.]

For his sake, I’m banking on stupid.

Posted by Kevin K. on 03/26/08 at 04:52 PM • Permalink

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i’m banking on peckerhead.

Maybe it’s what the stars are telling him.

Given jerome’s pre-blog history of astrology and being convicted of using message boards to hype stocks that somebody paid him to talk about, it’s not a choice between peckerheadness and stupidity—it’s telling of the stars of his propensity to say whatever the person paying him at the moment wants him to say.  Armstrong is nothing but a hired whore.

Both. He’s Taylor Marsh sans a dick.

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