Mysterious Tea Party Leader(s) EXPOSED!

Poliblogs have lately been breathless with speculation as to who or what are the “hidden” powers behind the Tea Party movement. But, as the new Web site reveals with stunning YouTubidity, they aren’t hidden at all. In fact, you’ve probably met the “leaders” already, because they are Everywhere, and Everyman.

They’re the slinky gal next door who shows up on your patio looking all “Call me ‘Tondeleyo’” when your GF’s out of town. They’re the scary Bedsheet Man who lives in your back yard. They’re the really intense dude in the third-floor efficiency who has every episode of Secret Agent on Betamax in the original UK release version where it was still called Danger Man. They’re your neighbor’s talking dog...and many, many more.

Is someone close to you a Tea Party Leader in Liberal drag? Are you a closet Tea Party Leader when you black-out at parties? There are 305 clips posted as of today, so you’d better start looking now.

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Of course, now I’ll never get anything done today.  How can I when videos like this are out there to be watched?

Dumb me. I thought the TPers didn’t believe in entitlement giveaways.

FYI-  There aren’t 305 videos.  The pages aren’t really pages.  Every time you click on a page it just randomizes some videos and presents them as a new page.  As I was going through the pages the same videos just kept popping up over and over again.

In the 12 pages I glanced through there were at least 4 people I recognized show up 4 times. 

As an experiment, just keep going back and forth between the same two pages.  Do they look the same when you come back to them?

Chris, thanks. I was just going by the “305 records” counter next to the page links.

If it’s fewer than that, so much the better, since I black-out a lot and I didn’t want to spend the whole day looking for myself.

Follow up -

Even the sorting functions are just random.  Click on “most viewed” and the look at the page views, they aren’t even sorted.  Then bounce between pg 1 and 2, and you’ll see they never look the same.

@StrangeAppar8us -

I’d also expect the 305 to be honest, but it’s not.  The point I was making is that this is a pretty pathetic attempt to inflate their numbers beyond what they really are.  This fact should be part of a larger narrative that Tea Partiers don’t really have the numbers.

This fact should be part of a larger narrative that Tea Partiers don’t really have the numbers.

Hmmmmm.  Who else does that remind you of?

I get the point—but, honestly, my narrative is that it doesn’t matter fuck-all how many of them there are, if all of them are this goddamn silly.

I am Spartacus.

No you’re not.

I see that you can submit a video of your own.  It says they review the videos but still I think this presents an opportunity. re=related And then you get scary ones like this…

Ahem, yes. Her “tea party leaders” certainly are exposed.

I give it 24 hours before that website is Wonketted into oblivion.

I made one. But I’m afraid to submit it.

Betty, my only fear is that they might just accept your leadership, and make a mass pilgrimage to your house with offerings of crawfish, minnows and water-spiders.

I made one. But I’m afraid to submit it.

What, no Claymation?

Her “tea party leaders” certainly are exposed.

I feel just the way I did when I saw Drew Barrymore in that green dress at the Oscars a couple of years ago.  Oh honey, no.

Here, let me introduce you to a bra.  Tea Party Leader, meet bra.  Bra ... Tea Party Leader.  Your girls will feel much better with a little support.

I made one. But I’m afraid to submit it.

Tell me that’s NOT your talking fish.

Here’s some inspiration for Betty.

@ Gimme—I used to have a singing fish (it was a present!), but the dog did us all a favor and ate it long ago, so I grabbed someone else’s fish vid. I used the voice of Pendula Swangatata featured above for the audio.

@ Strange—man, y’all are so lucky my kid outgrew action figures before I developed an interest in making videos for this blog. But Mr. Potato Head (with the angry eyes!) would’ve made a fine Boehner.

But Mr. Potato Head (with the angry eyes!) would’ve made a fine Boehner.

If you’re portraying Boehner, better make that Mr. Sweet Potato Head.

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