Naja? Nada.

The epic adventure of the escaped baby cobra is almost perfect.* It just needs a little something. Something like this:

@Bronx Zookeeper.

Oh, like you’ve never lost anything.

Now it’s perfect.

H/T Oblomova.

*I realize normal people do not put “snakes” and “perfect” in a sentence unless words such as “dead” or “run over by a car” are also in there. I am not normal and have never wanted to be, ergo I think snakes are nifty. And before anyone gets started I would not keep a snake as a pet. They belong in the wild so I can find them and shout “COOL, A SNAKE!” (With a slight question mark after racers, because they are bitchy.)

I also approve of snakes in zoos, provided they open an account with Les Twits when they make a break for it.

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The friend who originally pointed out the zookeeper link to me also noted that the first tweet is:


I wondered earlier if the cobra and David Axelrod’s mustache were in cahoots.

I found it! I found…*ouch*...*gasp*...*twitch*...*expire* @EMS @antivenom

I read both feeds last night.  EXTREMELY entertaining.  I hope this goes on for awhile (with no injuries, of course).

Snakes have their own cool factor, most definitely.  Of course, I am the person who was willingly photographed with a 6’ golden boa draped around my shoulders, and who uses a stick to help baby rattlesnakes get off mountain bike trails when I see them in time to avoid running over them.

They found the cobra. Durnit.

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