Nancy Grace: Queen of the Ghouls

Seriously, is there anyone else on TV who so obviously relishes Every. Single. Gory. Detail? God help me, I just can’t quit Nancy. Her country-ass Madame Defarge act is oddly compelling. Halp!

Posted by Betty Cracker on 06/10/11 at 12:22 PM • Permalink

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I’m not even going to watch that. Not even.

Ya know what? If you gave me the choice between getting Limbaugh or Nancy Grace off the air permanently, I think I’d let Limbaugh keep broadcasting. They’re both vile, but Grace is so very much more enthusiastic about it. She knows she’s evil, and she relishes it.

I have channel-skipped past her show before and wondered if the bizarro format of the screen with the crawl running at the bottom and all of the split screen images might trigger seizures.

Mesmerized by the circus-like presentation, I watched as she described her bout with cancer, which I guess turned out to be non-malignant. But the way she described it, clinical and chilly, I wondered how she could be so detached. It was like she was describing a trip to the grocery store.

Maybe she is unable to have genuine feelings, so the terrible things she says just don’t translate for her.

A friend asked what I thought of this Caylee thingy and I was like “who?” Looking at the screen grab is the closest I’ll ever get to this “story” or that Grace ghoul, thankyewverymuch.

No way will I watch, but has anyone ever seen Nancy smiling? She seems to have had that pinched expression of disapproval permanently sewn on her face.

Maybe if she’d gotten some psychiatric help or grief counseling after her fiancé was killed, we wouldn’t have to be exposed to her.

Also love the phrase “tot mom,” for its sheer idiocy.”

RE: the “tot mom” thing—WTF? It’s not like “Casey Anthony” is difficult to pronounce. It’s like a verbal tic.

I came in here to write that given the choice between 10 hours of Limbaugh and 10 hours of Grace, I’d JOYFULLY take Limbaugh.

But Scott said it better, so: What he said.

The woman is a disease and she perverts the law everytime she or one of the performing lapdog “experts” talk about a case.

Betty, cold turkee. Sorry, turkey. It’s just that DisGrace seems more concerned with murder victims whose names end in that double vowel.

Never made it through more than a minute of that show, and it was hard to make out what was being said through the begging and the pleading.


RE: the “tot mom” thing—WTF?

I know!  “Tot mom”—that’s the best she can do?  What dazzling sobriquet will she come up with for the next woman who catches her fancy?  “Toddler ma”, I suppose.

And creepy as her subject matter can be, I had to quit watching her because of the nauseating phone calls she’d take on her show, all of which would start out with an obligatory tongue bath from the caller ...

Some fool woman:  “Nancy, Ah just loove yeuw.  Yeuw are ah saint!”
Nancy:  Whah, thank yeuw.

before SFW and Nancy could delve into the gory details.

There is “Tot Mom” then there is “Fat Mom” AKA Nancy Grace.

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