Neither Of These Things May Be Available For Retail Purchase

Roseate psychopath Ann Barnhardt and her powerful pink popgun formerly known as the AR-15 may be figments from our collective past should draconian gun laws and psychotropic drugs become the norm in 2013

Ann is a colorful Rumproast fave who appeared several times in previous editions of the blog. For those of you who missed these earlier incarnations of Ann, you can dine on what seems to be the terminal post in her wacky wingnut warehouse, SO YOU WANT TO SURRENDER ON SODOMITE MARRIAGE?

No Ann, we don’t…not if you’re the female lead in a heterosexual union.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 12/19/12 at 07:52 PM • Permalink

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Whoa. She’s become more floridly psychotic since we last looked in on her. If I were running her local parrish. I’d install metal detectors and post a security guard. Seriously

Well, the Council of Elvira proved to be less fruity than I’d hoped.

I think a trigger warning on the link would be appropriate. She’s simulating a humanoid smile at top left over there. Either that or she’s stolen Biden’s gnashers via Photoshop. Or perhaps, this being Ann, literally.

Also, what happened on 12/9? She appears to have gone *poof* thereafter, both on her site and on Twitter.

You ain’t kidding, YAFB—that’s too many many teeth. Some of ‘em must have been borrowed or bought.  Her most recent Tweets show a fondness for the #Prepareforwar hashtag.  Trenches do not dig themselves.

Well, the Council of Elvira proved to be less fruity than I’d hoped.

I was hoping for the campy “Mistress of the Night”, and instead got a real horror show, and not a “khorosho” horror show.

I’d almost forgotten that she exists… the “molon labe” on her pink M-16 knockoff is a nice touch.  I think I shall now puke.

Americans are really starting to scare me . . . maybe too much “freedom” is like too much crack?

Wingnutry is more in our faces thanks to the Intertubz, but I remember meeting my first ScareMerican back when I was a teenager. He was a John Bircher, an upstate NY neighbor of some friends, who cheerfully said, “If this country were an airplane and it were up to me, it would have no left wing.” He seemed quite pleased with this witticism, even after I said, “But then it would crash!”

Little Moron Lobby Annie, btw, doesn’t seem to allow links to individual posts, so if she ever decides to return from Galt Gulch, the sweet essay Strange links to may be replaced by something even tastier in Barnhardt’s Simmerin’ CrackPotluck. Just scroll down, for instance, for some holiday cheer:

Santa Claus Will Punch You in the Mouth, Fool.

Thank heaven she doesn’t believe women should have the vote!  Our Freedumbs, don’t you pry them from her cold little hands—not before she does, anyway.

Ann is something else.  What, I’m not entirely sure.  But yeah, her disappearance is rather odd.  Much of the dingbat brigade are claiming she was “offed” by the “regime”.  Personally, I suspect she’s either been arrested on tax evasion charges, or is on the run FROM said charges.

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