Troubling news from The New York Times:

Senator John McCain has long made his decades of experience in foreign policy and national security the centerpiece of his political identity, and suggests he would bring to the White House a fully formed view of the world.

But now one component of the fractious Republican Party foreign policy establishment — the so-called pragmatists, some of whom have come to view the Iraq war or its execution as a mistake — is expressing concern that Mr. McCain might be coming under increased influence from a competing camp, the neoconservatives, whose thinking dominated President Bush’s first term and played a pivotal role in building the case for war.

The concerns have emerged in the weeks since Mr. McCain became his party’s presumptive nominee and began more formally assembling a list of foreign policy advisers. Among those on the list are several prominent neoconservatives, including Robert Kagan, an author who helped write much of the foreign policy speech that Mr. McCain delivered in Los Angeles on March 26, in which he described himself as “a realistic idealist.” Others include the security analyst Max Boot and a former United Nations ambassador, John R. Bolton.

Prominent members of the pragmatist group, often called realists, say they are also wary of the McCain campaign’s chief foreign policy aide, Randy Scheunemann, who was a foreign policy adviser to former Senators Trent Lott and Bob Dole and who has longtime ties to neoconservatives. In 2002, Mr. Scheunemann was a founder of the hawkish Committee for the Liberation of Iraq and was an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraqi exile and Pentagon favorite, Ahmad Chalabi.

The next time you see or hear a Clinton or Obama supporter say they will vote for McCain if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination, please rub their out-of-joint noses in those four paragraphs.

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I’m really hoping all the “I’m not gonna vote for the Dem if my candidate doesn’t win” garbage is just people blowing off steam. I suspect most of it is. True, the few hundred or so Mushy regulars and their ilk probably WILL vote for McCain if Obama gets the nod (or write in Hillary-Elton). But I think the noise generated by the online crazies on both sides distorts the true picture. At least, I hope so. As you say, the important thing is to not leave this country in McCain’s gnarled old paws.

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