Nerd Prom: White House Correspondents Dinner Live Stream

C-SPAN has it here.

Preliminaries, filler features and eating now. Main event begins at 9:40.

Probably no mention will be made of reports that NATO just killed a bunch of Gaddafis.

[UPDATE:] Trump arrives, gets booed by media. [H/T YAFB in the Rumper Room]

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Whatever replaced “jumping the shark,” that has now been replaced by “Trumping the WaPo. “That’s as tainted as a correspondents’ dinner” ought to enter common usage pretty soon, too.

Don’t forget to ask the WaPo all your burning questions about the nerd prom. dents-dinner-2011-recap.html

Comment by MikeJ on 04/30/11 at 08:21 PM

Over in comments at Cole’s place (link), M. Bouffant linked to this illuminating - and at this point, unsurprising - account of a 1982 visit by Trump to the David Letterman Show.

At some point, I’m sure the relevant video will turn up on Youtube (I looked; couldn’t find it…yet).  But it won’t supplant Mark Evanier’s account of the incident, for accuracy and detail on just what a creep this bit of history showed Trump to be.

Just one more account demonstrating that this guy is truly a pampered prince of privilege, who has not used his winnings from the lucky sperm lottery to learn a thing or to become a better human.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 04/30/11 at 08:40 PM

Don’t forget to ask the WaPo all your burning questions about the nerd prom.

I did, thanks for the link.  I asked why the Post invited Donald Trump and did their invitation mean that they approved of his slanderous remarks about the President.

@MaryRC ~ that’s what I asked as well.

Hahahaha. The Kenyan Usurper is doing fine. And Joe Biden is a very good sport, and straight man.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 04/30/11 at 09:49 PM

Oh god Trump got killed.  Dead.  Zapped.  Buried.  Pwned.

I laughed for a good five minutes after Meyers and the President were done.

If Trump had any decent advisers or media coaches, they’d have told him that when you get dinged in public, you laugh it off. His face as he left the hall could have curdled milk. He can dish it out ...

Fetch a fork, I think he’s done.

For those who missed Obama’s turn live, it’s already on YouTube.

Trump looked like an Easter Island head with a giant blond flounder draped over it. The graceless yutz got roasted at Comedy Central and lived, but not this time. Because he finally got that to these people he is a joke?

And here’s Seth Meyers’  set.

If Trump had any decent advisers or media coaches

I suspect the comment I read elsewhere is probably true: a guy like that will surround himself with sycophants who will only tell him his farts smell like lavender.

Well, when he’s lost Politico ...

In what will surely go down as the night’s worst prediction, Donald Trump said that he doubted that his name would come up during President Barack Obama’s stand-up routine at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“I wouldn’t think [Obama] would address me” during his speech, Trump told ABC News upon arriving at the Washington Hilton.

Must have really stung that the audience was just roaring with laughter at the Donald jokes.  Hope the videos go viral.  Maybe someone will ask John McCain about it tomorrow morning.

That’s my president.  He was so fabulous. He eviscerated the media and Trump, all the time smiling that brilliant smile.  And, I loved how at the end, he showed the press their better selves to inspire them.

Now settling in to watch the Seth Meyers’ vid.

Just watched Seth.  He did a great job, too.

Love the way Seth slapped LaPalin without even mentioning her name.  When he said Trump’s owning the Miss Univers Pageant would make it easier to find a vp running mate.  LOL!!!

Nellcote, and his bit on Katie Couric’s rep for asking the tough questions like “Name a newspaper.”
I thought I heard the soft blatt of air being let out of a vuvuzela.

I love Seth Meyers. He’s kind of terrible at his actual job (head writer, which as I understand it is more editorial than creative) but for me, SNL’s always lived and died by Weekend Update, and he’s done a great job turning it into a Daily Show companion piece.

Ah, shit, I gotta go. Turns out that if you so much as mention Weekend Update, Fred Armisen shows up at your house to do impressions of celebrities he can’t do impressions of.

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