Never Fear, FOX Fans, The New Dingbat’s Here

Just because they bounced the Alasklown, you didn’t think FOX was giving up on their mission to give the maximum possible juice to the dimmest possible bulbs in these divided States, did you? 

Rest assured that while there’s an unemployed photogenic psychotic willing to preen in front of bright lights and pocket Wingnut Welfare, FOX will be assiduous in helping malevolent loons fail their way to the top, if by “top” we mean the bottom of a barrel similar to the one West likes to torture Iraqi policemen in.


Posted by Mrs. Polly on 05/17/13 at 12:57 PM • Permalink

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Well good. I was afraid Col. West would be hiding his light under the PJMedia bushel, but now I can look forward to hearing all about everything he says on FOX.

He & Ollie North would be quite a pair, wouldn’t they?

How about the Liddy, West and Ollie Show? Because violent wingnuts need attention, too.

No, on the other hand, Liddy and West would be like putting two alpha lobsters in the same trap. After exchanging some pleasantries about shooting federal agents, they’d just chew each other’s pincers off. And you can’t beat The North West Territory for a title.

Now I’m afraid it’ll actually happen.

And you can’t beat The North West Territory for a title.

You should edit the post to add that brilliant line!

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