New Hampshire Predictions

What the hell, part two.


  1. Obama
  2. Edwards
  3. Clinton
  4. Richardson


  1. McCain
  2. Romney
  3. Huckabee
  4. Paul
  5. Thompson
  6. Giuliani

MORE: I’m fairly certain about my Dem picks. I think Edwards is going to surprise again. If I had to do any flipping, I’d put Paul at #3 and Giuliani at #5 for the Repubs, but I think the Paulbearers are probably annoying the piss outta everyone in NH by now, so I don’t think they’ve converted as many indies as I would have predicted a week ago, and I still think, against my better judgment, that the New Hampshire folks are going to make Rudy pay for blowing them off, thus allowing the Thompzombies to squeak by.

UPDATE: Ugh. Nobody told me. I was wondering why The Late Slight Hope wasn’t on my TV screens today (and I couldn’t scrape Giuliani off of them). I’m gonna flip Giuliani to #5 and Thompson to #6 BUT DON’T TELL ANYONE.

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I think these predictions are reliable and accurate.
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Comment by xs5 on 08/20/08 at 04:03 AM
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