New Paul Westerberg album for $0.49

Just found out about this at TBogg’s joint. I’ve been on a pretty huge Replacements run since Rhino re-released and remastered their Twin-Tone stuff, so this is pretty great news (and, from the sounds of it, a pretty wise business move on Westerberg’s part). You can only get it here (I looked), but I’m listening to it now and it’s worth it (yeah, I know, 49 cents, but you have to install Amazon’s ridiculous MP3 downloader and time is money, yo).

UPDATE: 49:00 is a jumbled, cross-hatched mess (which I really like) and for that reason I’m going to label this my favorite Westerberg solo album yet.  Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash is my favorite Replacements album, so your mileage may vary.

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Kevin, all music posts have to cleared through Tracy, the Rumproast cultural director. Thank you.

If there’s anything that brings out the critics, it’s music (hell, I’m guilty of it, too).  You should have seen how pissed off people got at me at when I called the Ramones overrated.

Oh boy, it was like I punched a baby in the face on live TV.

Heh-heh. I hear that. People who are insecure about themselves don’t tolerate diversity in race, politics, culture, ‘values’, music ... etc. I’ve never understood why what one person likes in music (or the shade of one’s skin) is deemed a threat by someone else. I have to work at it to like the music my kids like, but it’s worth it. I can then appreciate more about them. (Even though Mars Volta gives me a fucking headache.)

Wow, one dig at Dave Matthews and I’m marked for life.  Chill out.

That said, Paul Westerberg is totally cool.

Don’t sweat it, Tracy.  I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing you did.  In fact, I remember doing it twice: once when one of the co-bloggers at Balloon Juice posted a Janis Ian video and another time at Crooks & Liars (can’t remember now what the music video was, but I do remember they deleted my comment).

No prob, Kevin.

And if it’s any consolation, some of the first 45s I bought as a kid were by Bobby Sherman.

For the record, Tracy, my issue wasn’t that you don’t like DMB; there are many who don’t. I pushed back because you came after me for liking the band: “Dude, you just dropped several notches in my estimation.” I don’t know what your tastes in music are, but generally I respect people who have different interests. It always makes me wonder what they know that I don’t, or what they see that I can’t. It’s the awareness that I don’t have the market cornered on understanding what is good art is. People derive different things from the same objects based on life experiences or whatever. Maybe you didn’t mean the comment as harshly as I took it, but I wonder if you would have made the same comment to someone you actually respect. I doubt it.


Well stated.  My apologies for the unnecessary venom on my part.

Thanks, Tracy. My apologies for over-reacting.

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