New Susan Boyle video!

Okay, I lied.  It’s Micachu and the Shapes. Their new album Jewellery saved me after an interminable subway commute (fuck you G train, you horrible, horrible thing!) from Queens to Brooklyn last night.  I lost count of how many times I listened to the mangled semi-acoustic stomp-ditty “Eat Your Heart.” Hands down my favorite song so far this year. You can check it out and download it (and two other songs) here.

p.s. BTW, if you were bummed that this really wasn’t a Susan Boyle video, here’s a discovered recording of her singing “Cry Me a River” for a charity CD in ‘99. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

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hey now, I love the Susan Boyle story! I watched her on youtube before she started getting all sorts of media attention and I love her story. I bawled when Paul Potts auditioned in 2007, too.

I’m a sentimental softy, though. I just love it when someone breaks out of a stereotype and kicks ass.

Thanks for the Susan Boyle link, hadn’t heard it yet.

Hearing her in a recording studio, without an audience drowning her out with applause and cheers, you can really appreciate her vocal instrument.  Lovely lovely sound.

In this recording, she needs to lay back and not rush through her line, especially on the bridge.  A bit too on-the-beat, but I guess Scots are not known for their laid-back jazzy swing styling.  She also fails to showcase the extent of her dynamic range, though on the second time through the bridge she does build a bit.  She doesn’t have to go full Merman, but a bit more oomph would only increase the goosebump factor.

These are coachable errors.  With some guidance she will go far.

thanks for the link.  i’m not a big fan of musical theater so, while giving susan boyle full credit for having a great voice—and having the balls to put herself out there—the BHT clip didn’t do much for me, but “cry me a river” is my kind of song.

i am tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm, so i can’t comment on what allan had to say, but i was really impressed with her on this one.

i wasn’t at all familiar with paul potts till i ran across him in youtube after watching susan boyle’s.  i’m not an opera fan but i really liked his voice.  it has a vulnerability that is very pleasing to my ear.

those brits do have talent.

thanks again for posting the link.

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