New Yorkers really like Hillary.  Rudy, not so much.

Since this is a New York blog, here are the latest state primary poll results for you:

56% Hillary Clinton
29% Barack Obama
 8% John Edwards

32% Rudy Giuliani
29% John McCain
12% Mike Huckabee
 7% Mitt Romney
 6% Fred Thompson
 3% Ron Paul

Quick thoughts: Unless Hillary stumbles horribly, she is unstoppable here (but I guess we all knew that).  Obama’s only real play is to go for picking up as many delegates as he can.  McCain probably got a good bounce out of New Hampshire in this poll, but if Giuliani doesn’t perform well in Florida, don’t be surprised if McCain pulls off an upset in New York.  I’m kind of surprised Huckabee polled as well as he did and somewhat less surprised at how poorly Romney polled.  And, hey, we don’t have enough nutjobs in NY to boost Ron Paul’s numbers?  I figured he would have finished above Thompson at the very least.

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Purely anecdotal take on the sputtering Giuliani campaign: He’s betting all on FL. I live there, and until yesterday, I hadn’t seen the slightest evidence that anyone in this state gives a crap about Mr. 9/11. Yesterday, I saw a Rudy sign on the weed-choked lawn of a rusty trailer in the middle of nowhere. That’s it.

To be fair, though, I live in the sticks. Perhaps il Rudy does better in the cities where most of the transplanted New Yorkers live.

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