Next Up: Aquaman Summoned to Save Trapped Children in Burning High-Rise

A man’s got to know his limitations.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 08/28/11 at 06:21 PM • Permalink

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That Spidey may be slightly incoherent, and certainly out of his depth, but I can’t not love him, particularly when he has to pull the chin of his costume away from his mouth to speak. Makes him look like a wet Arachnostopheles.

Besides, Diving Spider with Bubble Gills!

That clip was pure gold!  Definitely deserves to go viral.

Makes a neat pair with this sighting of The Incredible Hulk.

Love the Clint line…

YAFB - Yikes!  Wow that raw sewage sea foam clip was gross!  I made the mistake of reading the article first before watching the clip and learning about what that stuff really was.  It really made watching the clip very hard to do without barfing….

Just another day’s work for a Fox News reporter, G ...

Just another day’s work for a Fox News reporter, G ...


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