Nightcap: Bedwetting—A Case Study

Remember that atrocious “rap” video from CPAC I posted a couple of weeks ago? The one with Dana Loesch’s hubby and Fox “comedian” Steve Crowder cavorting around in wigs as their captive audience made out like the worst Mexican wave you’ve ever seen? Yeah, that one. You’d probably tried to obliterate it from memory with the aid of whatever drugs you could lay your hands on. I know I did.

I wouldn’t bring it up again now, but I was just browsing through some of the RW blogs to see what they were up to, and found Warner Todd Huston working himself into a frenzy over at Big Journalism. Not that that’s unusual, but bear with me a moment.

Heeeeere’s Todd:

I have to say, at this point I am convinced that no one on the left really hates racism. In fact, they love it as it is their most important tool with which to control gullible voters. Cry racism and their mind-numbed acolytes dutifully echo the charge whether it is true or not — and it’s usually not. Well, they’ve done it again, cast the race card at conservatives. But this time they fell into a trap laid for them purposefully, set in order to prove their hatemongering, stupidity, cynicism, and lies.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last weekend a humorous video debuted during the blogger awards hosted by John Hawkins of It was a rap video created by comedian Steven Crowder and his pal Chris Loesch. They called themselves the “Powdered Zombies” and the song was meant to highlight the wrong turn this country has made and how we’ve drifted away from the founder’s ideas.

One line of the song was an obvious satire on the left’s constant cries of racism. Remembering that these rap singers were evoking the founders, the line in question goes: “But I’m back from the dead now bringing back all my knickers.” The next line confirms what the reference meant: “I’m just talking about my short pants.”

Knickers, of course, were the short pants that ended at the knee, pants that everyone knows were the stereotypical male fashion statement of the founder’s era.

Naturally the geniuses on the extreme left were unable to understand the difference between the word “knickers” and, well, the “N” word. Two of the left’s leading (low) lights on the Internet, and Wonkette both made the quip somehow into a clear example of conservatives being raaacist.

Wankette claimed that a black man in the room was so disgusted by the racism that he “walked out” and Gawker claimed that “they use the N word” in the video. Neither is true. How do I know? I was there! You can see the top of my gray fedora (A Stetson Whippet from the 1940s, by the way) at about 1:40 into the video. I was sitting behind the guy in the green shirt holding up the cell phone who appears often at the left lower corner of the screen and right in front of the person making the video.

The fact is there was no racism in this song. Zip, zero, nada.

If you remember that Rumproast post, you’ll recall that I was pretty dismissive and meh at that “joke” in the first place. I ran a few updates after some chitchat in the comments. Here’s Comrade Mary:

I’m pretty sure they enunciated “knickers”, because, you see, saying one word and making the implicit association with another word, and then deliberately setting up the record scratch sound in their tape so they could play up the faux naiveté—yeah, that’s what certain assholes consider funny. ...

G agreed with Mary that it was all a setup and basically nailed the whole thing right there:

It *WAS* part of the set-up.  So yes, the whole thing, including the token black guy walking out, is all an intentional part of their act.

And yes, I think that makes it even worse… because these assholes think its funny to intentionally play up this whole race-baiting meme.

The article you linked to also includes a link to their official “music video”... the one that was playing in the background at the event.  The whole “knickers” / “n-word” vaudeville act plays out the same way in their video, complete with the same initially “upset” black guy as their technical man.

It should come as no surprise to anyone here that Breitbart’s site was touting them and has the actual “music video”... 

Vixen Strangely chimed in with:

It’s pure as the driven slush: “We’re not racist, we’re just having a joke.  At the expense of black people. Because they’re black.  But we *have* a black guy right here! So it’s okay!”

To them, it’s funny because it’s offensive. To me, it’s offensive because it fails as music, comedy, and entertainment—and that’s before I even get down to whether it’s racist. The whole “knicker” thing is about saying “We hate political correctness!”  The opposite of which is, I can only venture, political wrongness.

All of which puts a bit of a damper on Todd’s next passage;

But Crowder, comedian that he is, knew exactly what he was doing. In a piece defending his song posted at, Crowder informs us why he put the quip in the song.

The verse was used to point out the hyper-PC, disingenuous liberals who today seek for a reason to be offended under every rock.

Crowder knew ahead of time that the left would lose its tiny collective little mind at their hoped for example of “racism” at the conservative gathering. He knew that once they felt they saw raaacism they’d leap at it without bothering to check to see if it really was what they thought it was. Too good to check, if you will. And they did. Crowder got them, but good.

The left gave Crowder his soapbox. “Listen, I’m not somebody who really cares about polarization, political correctness or even what context can be fit into proper 40-character formatting,” he says in his HuffPo piece. “People can hold any opinion that they want on any subject that they choose. Just don’t proactively lie to people. It’s a simple request really, and one that we don’t hear nearly enough.”

Yep. He got ‘em good on their knee-jerk reactions built entirely on lies. Crowder proved that leftists don’t see truth. They see what they want to see in order to “prove” their preconceived notions. The world really is flat in their experience. After all, they fall off the edge nearly every day!

Well, Todd, there were indeed a few lies going around that day, and we identified them pretty clearly even while losing our tiny collective minds (hey, we can multitask). I updated the post to include G’s finding:

Bear that in mind as at Big Journalism, shameless liar P.J. Salvatore tries to shame us for deploying a racial dogwhistle!

Earlier today Comedian Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch, a production artist, performed a satirical (by design) number called “Mr. America” at CPAC as a last-minute request to mark the launch of the same name video. The video (and the performance) features Crowder and Loesch dressed as George Washington and Jefferson Adams opining about the loss of American exceptionalism. “We were fighting off Red Coats while we were brewin’ our beer” raps Crowder. At one point in the song the duo say “knickers,” while referencing their old-school pants. A writer at Huffington Post, with an apparently inability to spell, convinced herself that they said a racial slur, based on the sole observation that the audio technician, who happens to be black, which blogger Amanda Terkel was quick to note, walked out of frame to fix the audio levels.

As if that wasn’t enough, Retracto, the Correction Alpaca at Big Journalism then aimed a “Retraction Request” at Gawker, which I included as a capper for the post because it was so frikkin absurd they’d take away my blogging license if I hadn’t:

Progressives are attempting to skewer Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch, claiming that they used the “N” word when saying the word “knickers” in a satirical video about the loss of American exceptionalism.

At no time did the duo use the “N” word, and to prevent hyper-dramatic liberals from whipping out their dog whistles, they even point to their pants when they say “knickers” in the video.

Gawker failed to post the original video where this is clear, instead seizing on an opportunity to defame Crowder and Loesch and attack Loesch’s wife, editor of this site.

Now, we’d all moved on from that episode, so I thought. I was WAY more offended by the crappy music and the general ... well, you know ... than any bullshit pulled in a lame and transparent bit of sophomore pantomime business, it was all much what I’d expect from a CPAC crowd, and I was tickled, as ever, by the apparent scrabbling to cover ass over at Big Journalism, the truth be damned.

But I think ole Retracto may have given a clue as to why Big Journalism’s so desperate to try to palm this off as a “Gotcha!” on progressives, to the extent that Huston’s still blabbering about it two weeks later. It’s in his last sentence. Dana Loesch is not just editor of Big Journalism (whatever that duty may involve), but a CNN pundit. And if you cast your mind back, around that time CNN suspended Roland Martin for generally being an asshat, giving this explanation:

“Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being.”

This may have had a somewhat chilling effect on certain other CNN pundits, wary that their activities elsewhere might also be held against them and lead to their losing a cushy sideline. Not that Ms. Loesch was actually involved in the rap incident, of course, but once you set off down the course of paranoia (read her columns), all bets are off.

Heck, in this blogging lark, you learn something new every day, and tonight’s no exception. Rifling around the Web to refresh my memory as to whether I’d hallucinated a video of Dana Loesch doing a Breitbart along with her hubby at some Occupy protesters outside, I never even realized that there’s a blog dedicated solely to Ms. Loesch’s indiscretions, but I do now: Dana Busted. And what do you know, somebody else has already made the same connection I just did above: follow that link and you’ll see some more pics and vids—of Ms. Loesch and hubby bellowing about rape and accusing Occupiers of shooting at the White House etc. etc. etc. That blog’s a goldmine if you’re into details of Dana Behaving Badly. I’m not that fussed about the whole thing because a wingnut’s gonna do what a wingnut’s gonna do, but I’m suspecting that Loesch may be, hence the pushback at the organ she stands astride like an avenging valkyrie.

So how am I doing with that whole truth thing there, Todd?

I’d barely have bothered blogging about all this, but I ventured into the comments at Huston’s post to see what sort of reactions he’d provoked—pretty much what you’d expect, a few moans about the “race card” blah—but then:

Watch out Breitbart!
Something is going on here again today!
Comments go missing and now, I get “503 Service Unavailable” popping up when I try to access Breitbart sites!
It’s on now but, I suspect something is well and truly, up!

Followed by:

I got that too. & I thought it was my service. Thank you for mentioning it.


No sweat, Liberty. I quickly checked all my other bookmarked sites and there was no problem there.
We know what these people are capable of!
I still think hacking has something to do with my comments disappearing!
And troll point scores wildly swinging!

And furthermore:

They have now disable commenting completely. I just tried to comment on a story, I am logged in, but the comment box won’t come up. This is about to get really ugly. Last time I thought it was a virus. But this is all out abuse.

Yup. We’re in ur blogz tweaking ur troll pointz. Hey, I’ve got to keep myself amused otherwise I’d never read another righty blog.

Then this:

Keep this stuff up! The Libs obviously cannot stop themselves from hitting the bait, even when they know it’s bait. This sort of thing has the potential to provide MONTHS of fun.

Which sentiment I think we’ve seen plenty of places—the Republicans who whooped because Palin wound up libtards, the same libs who Santorum and Gingrich and the rest of the clan aggravate nowadays. For so many Republicans who voice their opinions online, at least, that seems to be the whole point of this politics thing. Of course, in the case of Palin, it wound so many people up that she and McCain lost. Funny that.

So you know, Todd, one day you and your buddies at Breitbart HQ may pull yourselves up and wonder out loud why the hell nobody who’s not resolutely Caucasian and in advanced middle age will vote for your party any more.

When that happens, cast your mind back to this post of yours. It may hold a few clues. And Lord knows, you could use a couple.

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So you know, Todd, one day you and your buddies at Breitbart HQ may pull yourselves up and wonder out loud why the hell nobody who’s not resolutely Caucasian and in advanced middle age will vote for your party any more.

That day can’t come soon enough…

Also, thanks for the H/T.

They love the idea that they are being thrown to the liberal lions because of things they totally would have done, maybe, if it wasn’t just as much a joke as about THEIR FREEDOMS!

Dana Loesch has outstripped DJ Dorky McKnickers on my “Dumbasses to Watch” list owing to her recent turn at sister-shafting with the affirmative treatment re: transvaginal ultrasounds for the previously penetrated. Since she’s occasionally been the Conservative Female in the coveted Ann Coulter Chair of Snarkity Villianhood on Bill Maher’s show, proving that one can actually be more useless and less amusing than Sippy Cupp, I’m already anti-her because she’s such comedy-death.

But if the Big Journamalists want to pretend we’re worked up over “knickers” to some degree more than the death of ACORN or the character-assassination of Shirley Sherrod—okay.  I’ll play. We really don’t care about the actual insults or injury to real black people so much as we enjoy losing our shit over how right wingers not just insult and injure real minority people, but then trivialize how they do it with dumb race-baiting humor so they can pretend to be free-speech heroes. Yes, we really think your self-justifying and self-excusing bullshit is exactly worse than the actual harms it elides over because it perpetuates your bigotry by letting you fuck along pretending it doesn’t exist. You need to contort everything into racism-denial to get back to the status-quo of not giving a shit about minorities.

Which lets all the rest of your bullshit go on, unrecognized.  Which I think pretty well reveals where the bullshit lay—yes?

I don’t like these people much. Does it show?

They’re teenagers.  Their humor is teenage humor: tribal, sniggering, fake-transgressive, juvenile, and all meant to affirm their “defiance” of what the adults do.  And, like teenagers, their understanding of what adults do and believe are a function of their own limited experience, projection, resentment, and plain ignorance.

I’ve been groping for some psychoanalytic term to encompass right-wing pathology, but maybe it’s simpler than that.  They’re emotionally and existentially stunted.  (Let no one say “retarded.”  Well, let a few people say it.)

I’m surprised they didn’t have the sound engineer wearing the knickers. Then the T-Party would get the “joke”.

Steven Crowder is one strange dude. He’s like, 23 or 24 yet he has the seemingly infinite rage and bitterness of someone twice that age. He’s the kind of guy I honestly wonder: who did this to him? Who made him such an intolerant rage-filled pusbag who’s slowly burning all his genuine talent and charisma away on being so standoffish all the time? I mean, I was just as unhappy and bitter as he comes off as back then. Where’s my PJ Media contract?

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