No Touring For Scottie Walker Today UPDATED

Dear citizens of the state of Wisconsin,

  Please excuse Scott from the prolonged distress of being in close proximity to the Soshulist President of the United States of Union Thuggery during the tour of the revitalized Master Lock factory, during which he would be within hailing, or worse, distance of over 400 unionized workers in a factory cited by the President as returning to operating at full capacity.  Edited to add: And also please excuse him from meeting his second deadline to challenge all those recall petitions. What with not having gone through even a quarter of the million signatures the Dems provided, he’s a touch run down.

Scott is feeling a bit fluish.
UPDATE:  He will rouse himself has roused himself from his sickbed long enough to greet the President on the tarmac, though, in typically gracious Republican fashion~~with a gift of goodwill.

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 02/15/12 at 12:10 PM • Permalink

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Hey, Scott! Chickehhhhhhhn, bawk, babawk, bawk.

Scott Walker is…hmm…just blecch!

Did he really punk out? Hahaha! (Yes, I’ve been under a rock for the last couple of days…)

At least he bothered to cancel the rest of his days activities to prop up his excuse. He was also scheduled to visit a manufacturing plant in far western WI… (I haul steel into this plant and had to reschedule my morning delivery to the afternoon, only to find out he bailed…)

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