No, Wait, Wait—Everyone Actually *LOVES* Ted Cruz!!

It’s true! Because wouldn’t you know it, the straw poll at the 2013 Values Voters’ Summit had him as the big winner, should he be thinking about a White House run in 2016 (and you know he is thinking about it dontcha?). And this was after he said some of the most gee-gosh-darn things, too.

You know what? On second thought, maybe it’s because he has said the most gee-gosh-darn things. You know, like joking that the president was going to disappear him and that hecklers were probably paid OFA shills. Because obviously. Nothing succeeds like flaming paranoia. (Unless you are appealing to the fringe, in which case paranoia is best known as “fitting in”.) And amongst the values voters, that enlightened bastion of Godwinning for Goobers, Homophobia for Herp-Derps, and Bible-Banging for Bigots, he actually has a crowd in which he doesn’t stand out. Good going, Ted.

Now, you might have gotten a different impression from more old-school Republican politicians like NY Rep. Peter King (who is a likely contender against Cruz should there even be a 2016 GOP primary with debates an’ all that). He doesn’t like what Cruz is laying down even a little, because by doom saying against Obamacare he kind of is making it look like a quite a reasonable system by comparison of his fantasy-world (inherited from the Sr. Cruz, because the Rev. does believe in death panels) with the affordable care reality. And for what it’s worth, many Democrats find themselves in the odd position of agreeing with Rep. King, because they, too, think Cruz has done quite a lot for making the ACA popular.

So there you go. Honestly, I think I am beginning to have a kind of hate-love thing for him. He could be my new Santorum. Anything is possible.

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I don’t think Cruz will ever take the place of Santorum.  Cruz is a nutbar, but he doesn’t seem to vocalize the weird sexual hangups that are the hallmark of Santorum’s persona.

Not to mention that Santorum is thinking about tossing his banged-up fedora back into the ring for 2016.

Think of it! Just a few more entrants—One-L Bachmann, Steve King, LouieLouie Gohmert and the Pep Boys, Marco, Paul and Rand—[such a deep bench] and we’ll have a primary clown car that puts 2012’s to shame.

What fun!

In 2012, I really didn’t think the GOP primary clown car could get any weirder; obviously I was wrong. 

Now if we just channel enough presidential candidate umbrage into defeating those at the lower level tickets, we might finally turn this ship of state away from that iceberg.

I’m really curious to see the Redoublechins’ lineup for ‘16 - whose turn *is* it? Maybe they’ll just have some weird break like the last four years never happened and just run Romney again.

Bette, I call it the RepubliKan Klown Kar, because you need at least three K’s in there for it to be really fun.

I even heard that Mike Huckabee’s thinking about going one more round, & I’m pretty sure the reason ol’ GoodHair isn’t running for Governor of Texas is so that he can devote the next two years to rebuilding his shattered brand. So let’s see, Santorum, Christie, Paul, Rubio, Huckabee, Cruz, Gohmert? (seriously, for realzies?), Perry, & Jeb Bush. Maybe we’ll get lucky & God will call Kuh-razeee Michele back for one more ass-whuppin’ at the hands of the fickle electorate before she hangs it up & decides to run for Al Franken’s Senatorial seat. Ohhhh goody, the slices of shaudenfreude are going to be served long & thick in a few years (rubbing hands with glee), I can hardly wait. It’s going to be like watching serial killers who had a train wreck at an intersection crossing with child molesters & wall street bankers, the rubberneck factor will be irresistable, you will not be able to turn away, more like cement-necking.

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