Not Intended to Be A Factual Convention

I get the feeling that Mitt Romney really has unified the GOP, because the whole organizing theme of the evening was summed up pretty well earlier today by a Romney campaign pollster: “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Part of that stirring ethos was evident in the more overt theme of “We did build that”, which, of course, is basically just a take-off on an out-of-context interpretation of something President Obama said in a one sentence, in one speech.  But just because it’s kind of cheesy and fake doesn’t mean they didn’t take off with it, most amusingly in the case of one Phil Archulleta, beneficiary of many decades worth of government contracts, whose main complaint was government just didn’t build it enough. But of course, the very deceitful welfare claims that those meddling fact-checkers are hassling poor Mitt Romney’s campaign about, were also treated like a sort of article of faith tonight and were repeated by Rick Santorum (who also said some stuff about holding hands that kind of lost me) and Artur Davis. Ann Romney tried to convince us that Mitt knew about struggling—that didn’t seem too convincing. And NJ Governor Chris Christie, about 2/3 of the way through his speech, actually thought he might work in that Jan-Eric Republican guy running this year (you know, until someone willing to tell hard truths runs in 2016, hint, hint), but I kind of wondered how much he was feeling that part.

Anyway, that was my impression of things—what’s everyone else think?

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Ugh. I happened to tune in for about 45 seconds tonight while Santorum was bloviating.  Just in those scant moments, he managed to tell two lies: the nonsense that Obama has stripped away the work requirement for welfare recipients (noted above) and the laughable and long-debunked idiocy that Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

I get the feeling that if any viewers of this shameful debacle are playing a drinking game in which they down a shot every time one of the Republican speakers tells a lie, there are going to be a lot more cases of alcohol poisoning this week. Like, a really lot.

I dunno, the Ron Paul delegates seemed primed for a fight.

[With no apologies to pandering Mitt Romney supporter Jeff Foxworthy] You might be a Republican if… you think facts were invented by liberals.

Also, was anyone else blinding by the white glare that was the audience at the Tampa Convention Center (or whatever it’s called)? I was watching highlights (low lights?) this morning and had to put on my sunglasses.

Comment by J. on 08/29/12 at 07:48 AM

I get the distinct impression that this convention is more an audition for ‘16 than anything else. Christie couldn’t stop talking about himself long enough to remind everyone that they’re there to boost Romney.

IS any of this a surprise? Noooooo….

I caught a bit of some female Rmoney representative on NPR about something.  I can’t remember what she was talking about because the only thing that sticks in my mind is what a whining valley girl she sounded like.  Like, totally.

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