Note to John Derbyshire: It’s Called “Google”

Heh. Under the headline “Taking Over the Streets?” Derbyshire at NRO publishes photos from an email fan which the writer avers are “an accurate picture of every Friday afternoon in several locations throughout New York City where there are mosques with a large number of Muslims that cannot fit into the mosque.” Rather than verify the images up-front, he milks their Wholly Speculative Outrage Content, then leaves it to his readers to do his journalism for him:

If this kind of obstruction of roads and sidewalks is really going on in Nurse Bloomberg’s city — where a restaurateur can get a four-digit fine for placing a chair on the sidewalk without the proper permit — it’s a disgrace. But give me the facts, someone, please.

Fortunately, co-Cornerite Yuval Levin hipped him to an online Snopes debunking that correctly identifies the images as scenes from NYC’s annual Muslim Day Parade. However, a quick Google search of Muslim+Prayer+New York would have led him to a June 23 rant by Arch Islamofreakoutista Pam Geller, without having to rely on a well-known source of Liberal Disinformation

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I look forward to tomorrow’s column, in which he breaks news of restaurants in Taiwan that serve human fetuses.

Hey! I have a solution to our pesky Muslim problem—how ‘bout we let them build more mosques? Get em’ off the streets and onto the prayer rugs where they belong!

Maybe if there were one close enough to Ground Zero, real Amurkins’ feelings wouldn’t be hurt by having to constantly step over these annoying Muslims five times a day just to see the Hallowed Ground.

I tell you, getting harder and harder just to get my grocery cart through the intersection by the supermarket—today I had ice cream, for God’s sake! Where is their sense of decency?

Christ, what a cock gnawing SOB.

“Goodness me, could this be true? I have no idea how to find out!”

As someone pointed out at Edroso’s, Derb probably isn’t stupid enough to believe that Madison Ave. is blocked for 2 hours every Friday afternoon and no-one has noticed until now. 

He just wanted to say “Nurse Bloomberg”.

In an e-mail a person named Sister Christian claims John Derbyshire performs fellatio on a hamster on the steps of the Capitol, on the carousel outside of the Smithsonian Castle and on the concourse of Union Station, every Friday between the hours of 2 and 4 pm.

I live in D.C., and I’ve never heard of this happening, but I still have no idea if Jerkyshire actually blows a hamster in these places and no way of checking up on it. So I’ll just let the e-mailer’s account stand until someone proves John Derbyshire doesn’t give head to hamsters.

If only Muslims were as evil and bent on world destruction as the staff of the National Review, we might have an interesting battle for super-villian bragging rights.

Sister Christian claims John Derbyshire performs fellatio on a hamster

Understandable, seeing as how the hamster was the only one to say… “okay.”

Christ on a cracker, a whole bunch of folks are wearing out their horns on 96th St. right now. It must be that the street is blocked by all the Mussulmen. You know, like every Friday.

I just found a picture online showing Slim Pickens riding a nuclear bomb like a cowboy. If Americans actually do that every Friday, it’s a fucking disgrace.

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