Now that’s just MEAN

First, ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh from a prime football analyst spot for being a race-baiting jackass. Then the NFL punted El Flushbowl from a prospective owner’s group—again for being a race-baiting jackass (only this time in a general rather than specific way).

The man’s lifelong dreams were dashed. Understandably bitter, El Flushbowl retreated to his Fortress of Cat and denounced the league as an “outpost of racism and liberalism.” Can he even bear to watch football anymore?

Now, to add insult to injury, the NFL sponsors this “NFL Rush” program for kids. That’s right: NFL. Rush.


Maybe the program was in existence prior to the league’s spiking the ownership deal. I dunno. But still.

And, they illustrate the NFL Rush site with photos of African Americans enjoying the game the NFL reduced to ashes for poor Rush. That’s Obama’s America for you, sports fans.

Why don’t they just give Rush a nice paper cut and pour some lemon juice on it? Bastards.

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I like how they italicized it.  “NFL, Rush.”  Like, “NFL, Bitches!

Hehehe. I lol’d.

Why don’t they just give Rush a nice paper cut and pour some lemon juice on it?

The man’s got enough oxy in him to knock down Manhattan. He wouldn’t feel a thing.

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