NSA Superhero Flees to His Fortress Of Pillowtude

Did you hear the one about the technical assistant for the CIA who leaked government documents to his favorite libertarian before holing up in a luxury hotel in Hong Kong, and stuffs pillows under his door because he thinks that will foil eavesdropping?

Meet Ed Snowden, a 29-year-old making 200 grand a year to work for Booz-Allen, who had a pretty cushy life in Hawaii before blowing the whistle on practices he thought needed airing, and flying to a city he deemed up to his standards for freedom, within that two-systems-one-country-that-country-being-China sort of thing.

I was at work on a post about the extreme ugliness being displayed all over the internet the past few days, which may yet appear with its attendant Blingee, but of course Mr. Snowden and Glennzilla had to step on my Blingee with their big scoop. Thanks, fellas!  Really, reopening and examining the Patriot Act seems like an excellent idea to me, even if the messenger(s) come with shipping containers full of baggage, but Glenn, as an expat and a lawyer, don’t you think you should have informed your idealistic young source that Hong Kong and the U.S. have an extradition treaty? Whoops. What, weren’t the hotels in Taiwan good enough?

**Update: Of course he’s a Ron Paul supporter! What else would he be?
(Title edited to reflect author’s slow realization that maybe she WANTS search engines to find this post. Doh!)

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Honestly, if I were getting literally dozens of death threats aimed at me every single day, cutting back on the National Security Agency would probably not be my top priority either.

So the comments section DOES work! Thanks, L.L. Now I can go back to worrying that my post will cause all the factions who have been tearing each other new orifices over this will unite on the single meter of common ground which is that Mrs. Polly’s post is an outrageous piece of garbage, and to perdition with her and the Roast she rode in on!

Wait,  if I can unite the Internet, even if it is only in its universal contempt for me, then is that not enough to justify my offense? I accept the consequences, and will now embark on a cloistered existence in some remote and humble harborage.

I’m thinking Andorra. I’ve always admired their stamps.

So what did GG mean when he tweeted that he has been “working with” Snowdon since Feb?

The Glenzilla Greater Good Espionage Team?

Oh c’mon now—it’s not as if Ron Paul has any kind of documented history of racism and Glenn Greenwald defended white supremacists by illegally taping witnesses…oh.

I too would like to see the Patriot Act and AUMF kicked to the curb, by the way. But I don’t think Glenn “I gave George Bush the benefit of the doubt” Greenwald is really so concerned about that as he is drumming up outrage dollars.

If I had a cush gig making that AND living in Hawaii, that would have been enough to keep me quiet.  Oh well. 

Yes, we need to have a discussion about how the Patriot Act is implemented.  Of course, it would have been nice if we’d done that back when the thing was being created and passed, but congress was too busy trying to not drown from all their pants-pissing in the post 9-11 fearscape.  Now it will all be sold as that Kenyan’s fault, not the sainted painter of Texas.

A Ron Paul supporter?  In order to avoid extradition, he should live on a blimp that slowly flies over international waters.

Ridiculous bedfellows, Part 101, I just give up:
http://www.politico.com/story/2013/06/edward-snowden-ns a-leak-michael-moore-glenn-beck-92476.html?ml=po_r

Comment by ms yafb on 06/10/13 at 06:45 PM

So now GG has 37 power point slides that even the WaPoo wouldn’t publish.  He’s now the self-appointed keeper of the secrets.  Feel safer now?

Power Point. Figures. And I wonder if the unseen bits are screen caps with some damaging stuff—not to the agencies. To lives.

If I were totally cranky, I would wonder what Snowden was about when he brags on his level of access. If he reveals info regarding where NSA employees are working and who they are, would that be kind of on a “Plame leak” level?

If he reveals that there is a DB of US citizen communications that “could maybe” be used against them, would born-again liberal libertarians get where NRA folks stand on background checks and the possibility of a DB regarding gunowners or parse that until the bovines are returned to their domicile?

What I’m saying is—opinions on this cat and what he dragged in sure do vary, don’t they? But mostly, I wonder why.

So now GG has 37 power point slides that even the WaPoo wouldn’t publish.

He needs to handle those with the utmost care. They’ve obviously been weaponized as part of Obama’s Sekrit Death By PowerPoint Program.

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