“Nuttier than a squirrel turd”

The title of this post is how Betty Cracker described HuffPo contributor Dr. Sylvia Welsh and after you read some of Welsh’s gibberish that Betty has excerpted, you’ll realize that description is much too kind. Aside from Tom Watson, Lance Mannion and James Wolcott, are there any pro-Hillary bloggers left who haven’t gone stark raving mad? I will never understand how the candidacy of a tepid, pandering and ineffective politician like Hillary Clinton has spawned the level of deranged, cult-like, nonsensical devotion I’ve been witnessing from some of my fellow Democrats over the last few months. For Hillary Clinton? Seriously, what the fuck?

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/30/08 at 08:35 AM • Permalink

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The funny thing is, I was deliberately avoiding the usual pro-Clinton loonies when I stumbled onto that unbelievable piece of Hillnuttery at HuffPo. There’s no escape.

You ask a great question—WTF? There are Obama people who are over-the-top worshipful too, and it’s silly. But one can almost understand it: The man is charismatic and a fresh face, after all. But Hillary Clinton? I confess I don’t get it either.

Some say these absurd fulminations are due to the candidates’ relatively close positions on the issues, so people get caught up in the personality and emotional stuff in the absence of anything else to fixate upon. Probably true to an extent. But that doesn’t explain the cult-like derangement. Can people revert to sanity again once this shit is over? Please?

Kevin, I don’t understand going to the mat for Barack Obama either. I admire him generally, as tepid and pandering Democratic politicians go, but I’ve never had that shiver up my leg. Still, I’ll support him wholeheartedly. For guys like Jim, Lance, and me you can just replace “HRC” with “BHO” in yours and Betty’s rhetorical questions.

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