This is just a little taste of the delicious vox populism shortly (15 minutes) to be on display on ABC. Anybody up for a live-blogging?

How dare he appear on daytime television? He’s supposed to talk only to serious news organisations, or at least S. E. Cupp of the Daily News! Oh, the dignity, the dignity!


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Very nice “Hail to the Chief” opening. For the first time in HISTORY, a president visits the View! Benjamin Franklin never visited a daytime talk show.  Oh, there he is now—no, that’s what’s her name.

Benjamin Franklin was never president? Oh.

Standing O for O-BeeYootiful! Kisses, kisses. Ladies are loving him!

The Rose And Thorn Game. Awwww. Malia and Sasha. President has stable family, if not economy.

Thorn: would you believe, EVERYTHING?



Pat Buchanan has a sad

First observation to set the tone.

In the still up there, they all appear to have their legs crossed toward him.

/Althouse/#Glenn Reynolds

Joy ennumerates the administration’s accomplishments, but where is O’s narrative? Where?

“A lot of this criticism is fair” OH NO! Not with the healingness again!

they all appear to have their legs crossed toward him

Except, possibly, the mostly obscured gent on the extreme left (though it might be Whoopi in a pantsuit—does she have issues?!!)

Let’s not assume the worst in people? Treat people with fairness?


In his presence, they all seem enraptured and transformed. It’s beautiful.

Now now, Brit, that would be Whoopi, trying to dress respectably for the occaision.

But she is on the extreme left. No doubt.

Commercial Break: Let us buy as much Activia Light as we can afford since they support our President!

O goody, Hasselbitch gets to talk. I wish she had taken the day off.

“Serious news shows?” Like what? David “I danced with my bestie, Karl Rove” Gregory on Meet the Press?

And they say “Professor” like it’s a bad thing. Yeah, let’s go back to the shitbrained pseudo-good-ole-boy we had before him.

Frankly, I think NOT catering to the mentally deficient whims of the political press corps is one of the things to admire about the man and his administration.

Hassleblock: Where are our jobs! Saving jobs is not enough! Your stimulus didn’t do enough! (and I will fight any larger stimulus in my other life as FreichtardGirl)

President Awesome: “It makes a difference if your job is one of the jobs that was saved.”


I thought this was kind of dumb when I first heard about it. But I’ve now decided it was actually a pretty brilliant move.

Pronouncing Pakistan correctly will only get you into more trouble, Mr. President.

2011 troop drawdown in Afghanistan—let’s hope so.

Febreze is an EXCELLENT product. Also.


Wow. A perfectly rational, engaging person who doesn’t talk about bears and fish.

He doesn’t know who Snooki is. Attempt to connect with reaLAMEricans a fail!

Barbara (lowering voice)Do you do it on the side?

Wrong president, BW! (sorry, PUMA nation, but low-hanging fruit, you know)

THERE IT IS, he’s HEARTBROKEN, and he’s not going to invite Bill and Hill to Malia OR Sasha’s weddings.

Hah! He has TWO untouchable daughters—take that, media and Clintons!

Have they mentioned the snub yet? From Hot Air:

Campaigner-in-Chief Snubs The Boy Scouts 100 Year Anniversary Jamboree For An Appearance On The View

What a pity the President won’t be making an appearance with the homophobic leadership of the Boy Scouts.

The Girl Scouts, incidentally, don’t throw out agnostics or gays.

“Good Policy is Good Politics.” Audience EATING it up. When he gets out of Washington, he gets optimistic about America. Just as one might when one gets out of the blogosphere.

OFFS, shut up, Elizabeth. Her snide comments are an insult.

I think it’s a good idea for him to be on the show. He is obviously a smart man and we don’t get to see him often enough out from behind the desk or the podium to remember just what a personable, spontaneously engaging person he is. In a casual format like this, even with a partisan bitch like Hasslebeck, he looks good.

Sadly, because some asshole named Monroe decided the US should run all the way to the Pacific Ocean, it will be several hours before the electromagnetic pulses of The View will reach these distant shores.  Thanks for the preview!

Also, if the world ends one of these days, would one of you be kind enough to mention it here ASAP so that those of us in CA will have three hours to prepare?

Hassleblock’s voice is already pretty tinny, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard a voice clench.

But he did splendidly, unedited. Of course, it was terribly slanted—they didn’t ask any Gotcha questions like WHAT MAGAZINES DO YOU READ?

Nothing quite ruins a weekend like having to go to the wedding of some underling’s kid.  I hope Obama appreciates the courtesy he’s been extended and keeps it in mind when he’s writing Hillary a letter of recommendation for her next job.  It’s not necessarily dishonest to only write about the positive aspects of someone’s performance.

I’m not watching but TELEPROMPTER!!!

Now we just have to wait for the cableheads to decide which sentence or phrase to analyze for the next 24 hours to determine how the whole visit went horribly wrong.


1. Failed to condemn Mel Gibson!
2. “TV shot Michelle actually watches” is wifeslamming disrespect! Call Michelle and apologise, Barack!
3. He dissed the Media!

Hello, Long time lurker/ first time poster here.

My vote for the media fauxtraversy over this appearance: his use of the term “mongrel people”. 
Que village fauxtrage in 1, 2, 3…

When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: “We are sort of a mongrel people.”

“I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up,” Obama said. “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.”

http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/111611-obama -calls-african-americans-a-mongrel-people-

This is why we can’t talk about race in America people.  We are a nation of immature idiots.

Comment by MJ on 07/29/10 at 02:33 PM

Rookie typographical error above.  I meant to write “Cue” not “Que”.

Hello, Long time lurker/ first time poster here.

Welcome, MJ! Yeah, that’s just lighting up Memeorandum now (my go-to place for what the RW blogs are saying).

Thanks for the welcome YAFB.

Re: Mongrelgate 2010

I point you to the musings of E.J. Dionne, Jr. in today’s Wapo

“Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?”

h/t Benen

Comment by MJ on 07/29/10 at 03:06 PM

It is not a surprise Obama avoided meeting with the Boy Scouts.  Boy Scouts represent American Apple Pie, Individualism, True Patriotism, everything Obama has to destroy to further his Socialist agenda. Boy Scouts to Obama are tantamount to a cross put in front of a Vampire, to stop Obama sucking the wealth from hard working Americans to give it to socialist bloodsuckers.

In contrast to the Boy Scouts, Obama prefers a (captive youth audience); it was reported U.S. School teachers now instruct their youngest pupils to sing in choir fashion, songs about Obama. One need only look to the White House to confirm how a promulgated ideology (Communism) can influence a school child and destroy a nation. Obama a red diaper baby inherently does not represent Americans, but a Marxist ideology that mandates forcing socialism on U.S. Citizens, crushing non-believers even at the costs of destroying the economy, certainly the Constitution. If Obama-ism is not stopped it will spread like a disease infecting our youth, inspiring a form of Marxist-socialism that will destroy the quality of life for Americans. Let there be no doubt Patriots are at War with those in our nation that intend a rein of RED TERROR on everything that made America great. America’s greatest threat is not from foreign enemies, but Marxists that slithered into our government.

@Ross Wolf—I was just reading some of your archived entries over at Constitutional Klown Kar, and you are absolutely precious!

Please feel free to make War against our Reign of Red Terror on some of the more recent Obama-praising, Patriot-mocking Rumproast posts, so that more of our readers can enjoy your Teabaggy outrage!

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