Obama Campaign’s New Video Could be as Devasting as “America the Beautiful”

Watch and decide.

Oh. My.

This will apparently be running in the swing states against MittBot’s video attempt to *connect* with *humanoids*.  Not so successful unless you too are drawn to insincere smiles and awkward expressions of *concern*.

And just to reprise the Obama campaign’s former zinger:


I’m so happy that the Dems have decided to mount a full on, effective offense against the Rethugs and their BS, especially Willard Mittens RMoney Howell III, that I’m just humming to myself.

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Great ads.  Very effective.

The “America the Beautiful” one got a lot of air play in my NE Ohio TV region…and while we’ve gotten quite good at tuning out the onslaught of these things, there is something about that ad that still caused folks around here to stop and notice it whenever it played.

There are actually quite a number of new campaign ads coming out, from both the Obama campaign and some of the indy groups supporting him, that really deliver a powerful punch.  Political Wire has been showcasing a lot of them over these past few days.

@G - the more, the better as far as I’m concerned.  Like I said, I’m just thrilled to see Dems punching back and punching hard.  It’s about time!

So easy, like unwrapping Christmas gifts.  Obama owes Romney a dri- oh I guess some club soda will have to do.

Here in Ohio, the ads are nonstop, running literally back-to-back in prime time and scattered throughout the day. The Obama ads are quite brilliant; very calm, supportive, and showing Romney at his worst. The Romney ads, with his strident, accusatory tone, sound like a scolding.

Personally, I am sick to death of them. After fifty viewings, even the Obama ones get old.

It occurs to me if “Corporations are people too, my friend,” all business plans must result in living businesses to avoid burning in Hell.

Also too, if money = speech it’s totally legal to skip the SuperPacs and the TV ads and just pay people directly to vote for a candidate. Kind of like door-to-door canvassing.

Forget those ads. Here is the best re-elect Obama video to date.

Comment by J. on 09/28/12 at 07:16 AM

J - yeah, I loved when Samuel L. Jackson did the children’s book reading…and now this political twist on it… ROTFLMAO!!!

Obviously, it is NSFW and not for crowds that get “the vapours” when they hear curse words… but for the rest of us - kick ass!

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