Oh my: Breitbartocalypse Now - Sherrod to Sue Breitbart’s Ass [Updated]

No doubt in cahoots with the filthy liberal scum at The View who, according to Rush Limbaugh, by now must have calluses on the calluses on their knees, Shirley Sherrod has chosen today to announce that she does want a piece of Breitbart, kthx.

And unlike Breitbart’s disclaimer of his avowed quest to destroy libraldumb, it doesn’t sound like she’s kidding:

Speaking Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention, Sherrod said she would “definitely” sue over the video that took her remarks out of context.


Sherrod said she had not received an apology from Breitbart and no longer wanted one.

“He had to know that he was targeting me,” she said.

The queue of people Sherrod has yet to receive an apology from is lengthy:

“It wasn’t all media. It was Fox,” Sherrod says in commenting on President Obama’s remarks on The View blaming the media in part for the story. She says she also continues to get a few harassing phone calls over the incident. Sherrod says she still has not heard from Cheryl Cook, the USDA official who called her on the road and pressed her to resign. She says she would like to hear from Cook and that there are many problems at the agency that need to be addressed that people of color there have brought to her attention.

And where is the customary bluster from the astroturfing wingnut buffoon who set this whole farce off?

Breitbart did not immediately respond to calls or e-mails seeking comment.

Well, let’s thank the FSM for small mercies.

* Yes, yes. I know. It’s a pic of John Lithgow, in lieu of any recent sightings of Brave Sir Breitbart. Separated at birth?

UPDATE: As ever, our astute pal Zandar is on the case. As he observes:

She’s going to need help and support, because she just became Public Enemy #1 to Wingnuttia, and this is going to get absolutely brutal very, very soon.

He could well be right. Here’s a random sample from Memeorandum:

Shirley Sherrod you’ve just been SUCKERED!

The suit against Breitbart is going to bring up a ton of really fun stuff about her and her husband and about that lawsuit they settled. Congratulations Mrs. Sherrod every speech you gave, every statement you’ve made and your husband too is now fair game and will be out in the open for all the country to see.

Expressly false statements like this one:

“It wasn’t all media. It was Fox.” Sherrod said in commenting on President Obama’s remarks on The View blaming the media in part for the story

are really going to play well in court. This is going to print money and attention for Breitbart. So lets repeat my thoughts on this case:


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It’s a pic of John Lithgow

That’s “Lord John Whorfin” to you, monkey-boy.

I’d like to be snarky about this, but the wingnut defense will be all to obvious (and parody-proof).

Good for her. I hope she puts him in a van down by the river.

I think a pic of John Lithgow in Dexter would have been more appropriate.

And Jeffy Lord will call this a lynching in 5..4..3…

Oh, they’ve been digging into her ever since she committed the sin of being innocent of the first smear. Riehl’s been pushing a Breitbaritan video clip of her husband which has an obvious edit halfway through, and then of course you know, Shirley’s father wasn’t really lynched, because the mob that killed him didn’t use a rope.

Does Jeffy Lord know that it takes a rope to make a lynching, unless it’s a self-pitying conservative undergoing de rigueur questioning?

Screw Fox & the Wingnuts & wet-fart Breitbart.  They are nothing but viscous bullies.

Shirley Sherrod is doing the right thing by openly calling them out and planning to sue them.  I sure hope she does.  Good for her!

When are folks going to learn that nothing good ever happens from backing down to the threats from these bullies.  The only way to quash them is to fight back and go after them hard.

My car just broke down on my way back from work and I am still part time, struggling to make my next buck with an obvious repair bill coming. I don’t care what I have to do, but I will drop some cash in her legal kitty if she needs it. Plus if some of the settlement includes Breitbart in mobile stocks for public slapping, it will be money so well spent.

As they have repeatedly demonstrated in their posts regarding the Orly Taitz suits, the wingers don’t really understand the application and scope of “discovery” in this case.

Andy doesn’t get to build a case asserting that Sherrod is “really” a racist. He gets to build a case that he didn’t intentionally misrepresent the partial video he released, and isn’t responsible for the subsequent assaults on her reputation and credibility, and the loss of her job. Period.

Clarence Thomas will not be called to testify, and Andy will not be allowed to introduce “new evidence” that his legion of PIs dig up subsequent to the original video posting. It’s also unlikely that discussion of her previous lawsuit against the USDA on behalf of minority farmers will be permitted.

Good for her!  The only way to stop bullies like Bleatbart is to push back hard.  I hope she takes him down several pegs.

All the evidence is that Sherrod is one tough cookie—far tougher than the cowards that’ll no doubt be compounding the offense in days to come.

I hope she kicks him in his Big Bootie (not Big Boo Tay!) and kicks and kicks some more.  I’ve been waiting for this announcement since the first day I heard about this mess.

Steve M. had a good post about wingnut attacks on Sherrod, too.

Well, good luck finding him, as I’m sure he’s still on that “long-planned vacation” he embarked upon just as the yogurt hit the fan.

That Andy, he’s a long planner, he is.  A long planner…

Congratulations Mrs. Sherrod every speech you gave, every statement you’ve made and your husband too is now fair game and will be out in the open for all the country to see.

Mrs. Sherrod and her husband have heard “Shut your mouth darky or I’ll make you sorry,” from far scarier vermin than today’s crop of wannabes. Expect ass-smackery on an epic scale.

I suspect the country will pay more attention to the assholes throwing tantrums because she won’t shut up and go away. Any bets on when they’ll decide it wasn’t Michelle O. on the Whitey Tape after all?

Jonathan Turley wades in, and reckons discovery could well be “embarrassing”—for Breitbart:

For Breitbart the greatest threat is not the ultimate damages but the costs and discovery involved in the litigation. Sherrod could seek emails and communications revealing his motivation and knowledge before posting the video. Breitbart has often been accused of serving as a conduit for conservative interests.

I’ve yet to read Turley on this, but when Breitbart said the video was edited when he got it, I thought that was a preemptive strategery to avoid a finding of malice.

I think he edited the video himself. Of course, he’s probably trashing hard drives like Fawn Hall on a shredder binge, but I hope some forensic computer scientists can suss out the truth.

History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark. Happiness is seeing Breitbart shitting a pantload of money to settle a lawsuit.

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