Oh Rumproast, How Did You Know?

Just What I Always Wanted!

A compendium of camaraderie, blisteringly funny commentary, and heart, all wrapped up in snarky goodness, just for us? Thank you, jolly little blog! Now I feel bad about regifting you that sweater, but I’ll do better next year, I swear!

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 12/25/11 at 11:25 PM • Permalink

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LOL! Love the tree! ;)

Hope you had a good holiday too!

Hope you had Holly Jolly Polly Christmas, Mrs. P! Thank you for being our beacon and inspiration—and I don’t just mean the blingee!

Oblo, it’s an honor to be a Roastazon with you. It was a jolly holiday in the main because it is still a Strange old world ;o}

Glad to see you blingee-ing again after the past few difficult months. Your tree of blingeeness is most welcome. sending this quick message to see if the ‘submit the word you see below’-ma-tron allows me enter the Rumproast time-space continuum

Have been deluged with visiting Mum and all the kids hanging out for endless supplies of free food (not complaining though) so have not had a chance to get to the computer for a while.  So thanks for this wonderful, image and hope your Christmas was as merry as it could be with Mama-san in residence! ;-)

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