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So.  Here we are, eleven months away from Mid-Term-a-Palooza and the Rebranding of the GOP advances apace.  Or not.  The Great Rebranding is reminding me a lot of Dr. Seuss, lately [as you can see] because it is such an extraordinary feat of wishful thinking as in Oh the Thinks You Can Think in which “Dr. Seuss explores the imagination and encourages the reader to push their creative mind to limitless heights.”

Back in January, when the Republican National Committee delivered its post-mortem, it was surprisingly on-target in regard to what went wrong in 2012.  Those who touted it seemed a little overambitious in believing that all of the necessary changes, or even a few, could be made before the next national election, nevertheless the prescriptions were “directionally-correct,” as they say in PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, by about April, the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Echo Chamber decided that, for the most part, they like their old brand just fine and they’re convinced they can keep on selling it with a little updated PR, a few new faces, perhaps, and some new code words.  Maybe just adopt a deliberately retro look . . .

Now, in December, it’s pretty clear that Republicans just can’t/won’t change . . . here are just a few select examples of how the GOP plans to capture the hearts and minds of Americans and impress voters with their leadership skills without twitching a whisker . . .

Primary the RINOs, where RINO is defined as anyone to the left of The Brothers Koch.  Republicans would love to win control of the Senate in 2014 but as Jennifer Duffy, a Senate analyst for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, recently told Reuters:

The Republican path to success in the Senate is pretty narrow.  If they lose one or two seats because of a difficult primary, that’s a huge problem. And it’s possible.

In other words, expensive, arduous primaries could weaken Republican Senate incumbents at a time when Congress’ approval ratings are at an all time low and voter apathy could be at an all-time high.  No one is all that impressed with the incumbents OR the challengers.  Those are lessons that should have been learned in some 2010 and 2012 races.  With a resurgent TEA Party and the divisive Senate Conservative Fund in play, high-profile Republican incumbents like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn [!] and Mike Enzi are being threatened from within their own party.  Not the best way to lock-up “gimme” elections.

Shutdown the Government.  Again!  For a short while it looked like Republicans had learned a lesson about how negatively Americans perceive their government shutdown approach to getting attention.  But now that Obamacare hasn’t completely imploded and might not be worth a whole lot of political capital in a year’s time, conservatives are starting to take shots at the top secret Patty & Paul budget talks.  What used to be a committee function now has to be hammered out in a DC “black site” with no communication with the outside world.

Despite the tight security, a few details have leaked out and the Conserv-o-sphere is lighting up over them.  A lot of the trouble revolves around the sequester [surprise!] which might have made the base happy for a while, when it was gouging discretionary spending that conservatives hate, but now a new phase threatens the Defense Department and has the House in a divisive swivet.

News leaking out of the Ryan-Murray conference includes higher discretionary spending levels.  Because of that some House members lobbied John Boehner and Eric Cantor to bring a “clean CR” to the floor that would preserve sequestration level spending, but they were only able to muster a handful of co-signers.

Yesterday Heritage Action handed down the following edict:

Heritage Action cannot support a budget deal that would increase spending in the near-term for promises of woefully inadequate long-term reductions.

While imperfect, the sequester has proven to be an effective tool in forcing Congress to reduce discretionary spending, and a gimmicky, spend-now-cut-later deal will take our nation in the wrong direction.

The soft deadline for a resolution is January 15, 2014 when the government runs out of money again.  Ryan and Murray’s best bet is to fast-track their bill through the House before the holiday recess starts at the end of this week,  giving it a week to get through the Senate.

Expect a full-blown tantrum from the Conservative Caucus when this hits the floor, if it even does.  And for House Leadership to abdicate.

Outreach is for Losers.  Republicans continue to count on the irresistible attractiveness of their 19th century Rules of Good Conduct to attract the Right kind of voters.  Evidence that GOPers are sticking to their guns [as it were] on social policy are plentiful . . .

In keeping with the GOP’s new female voter outreach initiative, Try a Little Tenderness, Iowa GOP Senate candidate Mark Jacobs shared his trick for reaching out to female voters:

I think you have to connect with women on an emotional level.  And with a wife of 25 years and an 18-year-old daughter, I’ve had a lot of coaching on that.

Thank you, Mr Jacobs.  Next time I want a political candidate to talk to me like a husband or father, I’ll look you up.  But, if I’m looking for a candidate that respects my intellectual capacity and treats me like an adult?  I’ll look elsewhere.

For those of us of the gay persuasion who are waiting for a Republican to reach out, keep waiting.  Meanwhile there’s epic old homophobe, Dave Agema, a mainstay of the same Republican National Committee that sent out the Growth and Opportunity Project roadmap last January.

Here’s SuperDave’s take on gays which he evidently felt was appropriate subject matter for the Berrien County Republican Party Holiday Reception last Thursday:

He said American Airlines workers would say a person with AIDS was their lover so that person could get medical benefits.

“Folks, they (gay people) want free medical because they’re dying (when they’re) between 30 and 44 years old,” he said. “To me, it’s a moral issue. It’s a Biblical issue. Traditional marriage is where it should be and it’s in our platform. Those in our party who oppose traditional marriage are wrong.”

In somewhat better news reported by Huffington Post:

Dennis Lennox, a Republican strategist and party delegate from Michigan’s Grand Traverse County who has been a vocal critic of Agema, told HuffPost he expects the Michigan Republican State Committee to discuss the latest comments when they meet over the weekend.

“Dave Agema’s hateful rhetoric and unabashed bigotry have no place in our Republican Party,” Lennox said. “Republicans will not win a national governing majority until Mr. Agema’s extremist behavior is no longer tolerated.”

Spot the silver lining?

As we all learned, recently, African-American Outreach is no longer needed because racism has ended.

In a post-racism gesture for the ages, the Chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, Pat Mullins, told a GOP Retreat group at The Homestead, last Thursday, that:

Our president was elected on a series of lies.  The American people are finally seeing the emperor without his clothes…Obama is so close to death that Terry McAuliffe is about to buy a life insurance policy on him.

In related news, someone in the Republican iconosphere decided that the best person in their party to launch a GOP African-American Outreach Office in Detroit [where, maybe, racism hasn’t totally ended] would be none other than Rand Paul.

That’s the same Rand Paul who showed up in Washington with an aide who was a past chairman of the League of the South, who was just coming off a 12-year gig as a radio shock-jock known as The Southern Avenger.  As The Southern Avenger, said aide was famous for his support of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 

Paul’s Detroit event was reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP, during his presidential campaign, in that Rand drew a mostly white crowd for his African-American Outreach event.  Maybe African-Americans still haven’t recovered from Rand’s Howard University debacle?

Last but not least, Republicans need to connect with the burgeoning Latino population of voters—Por favor hable a Inglés si quiere votar* [*Please speak English if you want to vote].  For a while there, Republicans had convinced themselves that they could tolerate a Latino caucus, under their Big Top, because they mistakenly believed that Latinos were “natural conservatives” and shared their Puritanical social policy inclinations.

They were wrong.  So, why bother?  Ask Marco Rubio.

What Republicans miscalculated was how serious Latinos are about immigration reform and how disgusted Latinos are with Republicans stringing them along then dropping reform like a hot potato when the GOP base shrieked.

Now Republicans are blaming the victim:

“They’ve killed reform. It’s over. It’s dead. They killed it,” said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who favors immigration reform. “I begged them not to do crazy things, and they decided to be crazy. Now it’s dead. That’s what they get. It’s stupid. Why target the people who actually want to do reform?”

In closing . . .  Republican wave in 2014? not likely.

Republican resurgence in 2016? fageddaboutit.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to read something horrifying about Obama shaking Raul Castro’s hand in a funeral receiving line, and appeasement, weakness, socialism yaddayaddayadda.

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Based on demographics alone, these next 2 elections are critical.  Also because 2 or 4 more years of rethug insanity will pretty much kill this country and the planet dead, dead, dead.

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