On McCain’s “‘Gotcha’ Journalism” Charge: Philly Grad Student Having Nguyen of It

Michael Rovito, who we wrote about earlier, was on CNN this afternoon to defend John McCain’s charges against him that he had engaged in “‘gotcha’ journalism” when he asked Sarah Palin questions about Pakistan and Waziristan at a Philly cheesesteak joint Saturday.  After Betty Nguyen, CNN news anchor and member of Our Stupid Media, asked Rovito, who is a grad student at Temple University and most definitely not a journalist, twice if he had indulged in “‘gotcha’ journalism” during his encounter with Palin, he responded thusly:

“I don’t even know what that means, but of course not. I’m not a journalist. I’m just a tax-paying citizen. And if we cannot ask a question of our veep and presidential candidates and if we do we get scorned for being a ‘gotcha’ journalist—again, I don’t know what that means—but then it’s a sense of, I don’t know, it’s almost tyrannical in a way. Like I think that comment, just speaking objectively, was kind of a blow to the integrity of journalists and tax-paying citizens who have questions that we want our vice presidential and presidential candidates to answer. I mean, I don’t get this”

So you would think Nguyen would understand that he was a citizen asking Palin some legitimate, educated questions and would appreciate his defense of the integrity of her profession, getting that he was implying that good journalism, by nature, should have a “gotcha” component, right?  Think again…

NGUYEN: “Well, what he’s trying to say, I mean, with this gotcha moment, did you try to set her up and play stump the candidate?”

ROVITO: “Of course not. No.”

Jesus Drunken Christ on a bar crawl, “stump the candidate”? Where have I heard that before?  Hmmmm...

And to close things out, Nguyen, looking like she was ready for a pat on the head and a bone-shaped biscuit, proudly announced that Rovito had claimed that he’s not a “‘gotcha’ journalist.”  Quality reporting had been completed and we closed yet another chapter in the massive novel(ty) that is Our Stupid Media.

Full video here:

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Watch out Ms. Nguyen. If you keep exhibiting that level of intelligence Johnny McPOW will want to put you on the Supreme Court.

There should be a rule, and the rule should be as follows:

If your bid for elected office has become so pathetic that you crap diamonds when a potential voter asks you a question, you have to stop making an ass of yourself and go home.

How our MSM is always willing to carry water for GOP talking points never ceases to amaze me.  Anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together can plainly see that Palin is as dumb as a fucking stump, yet our media is debating whether or not “gotcha journalism” is being practiced against her because she’s being asked questions she should be able to answer yet can’t?  Lord.  One hopes the media can take McCain’s cock out of their collective mouths for a few seconds to see reality…

Does the evil Ruppert have some top secret training school for vacuous news bimbos that we don’t know about? Cable news seems to be infested these days by intellectually stunted titty dancers masquerading as journalists .
If the teleprompter readers were a herd of animals living in Alaska , you can bet that Caribou Barbie would classify them as a nuisance and put out a bounty for their worthless hides. Come to think of it , that’s not such a bad idea.

Those Owls are wise.

“Palin is as dumb as a fucking stump”

tut, tut

stumps are really quite intelligent—relatively speaking that is.

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