On the tape, Zimmerman clearly says “f*cking toons”


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Hoodies don’t kill people: people who may or may not have hoodies, who may or may not have guns, who may or may not be white/black/etc., who may be male or female, who may/may not have intended it, sometimes kill people. Usually they don’t—

But all hoodies actually do is keep people warm and sometimes keep their heads from getting wet. How we got from questions regarding race, perception, right to self-defense vs aggression—to debating the merits of a piece of clothing, suggests to me how easily people are distracted by trivia.

It’s colder here in Philly than it was last week—I’ve been wearing a hoodie. No worries, though—white ladies in their 30’s aren’t threatening in hoodies.  Although mine is black, and I might look a little like the Grim Reaper in it. Depending on my mood.

Hoodies only became ‘suspicious’ when people noticed black people wearing them.  When all the yuppies were jogging along in the 70’s/80’s with them no one said a word.

If we made a list of what black people can’t wear without looking ‘suspicious’ they’d end up walking around naked.  Then they’d be called perverts.

Why is the Reaper bothering Ned Flanders?

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