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Zandar on the Chris Hedges piece that we spotlighted yesterday:

If you honestly believe that the Teabaggers are hurling epithets at black and gay members of Congress because the Democrats aren’t liberal enough, there’s literally nothing I can do for you.  That’s stupidity bordering willful ignorance right there.  But to then blame the Democrats for these nutjobs and then justify their actions in any way makes you more than stupid, it makes you flat out evil.  It’s the same idiotic, hyper-cynical “logic” we’ve seen from the Right in the last week or so, that the Dems brought this on themselves for daring pass this legislation…any legislation.

If we had passed single-payer health care, the teabaggers really would be taking to the streets en masse to “get them some tyrant blood for the Tree of Liberty” or whatever.  And you’re blaming Dems for this lunacy?

How does this guy function with that block of cement on his head?

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And why do people give Hedges money to write books that would be better spent on Zandar? Good job, sir.

As long as both sides of the partisan rift have time shouting abuse at each other they don’t have resources to contain the US’ sovereign default - there goes a proud nation after only a little over 200 years. Care to wonder why the Swiss are still standing?

CrisisMaven, don’t you think that comment would have been more appropriate in the Biggie Smalls thread?

So Chris Hedges is now evil. Good to know. For a second, I thought he may just be wrong on this issue. I stand corrected. Thanks, Zandar!

Yeah, I generally see anyone whose logic boils down to blaming the victim for the cornucopia of horrible things done to them because they did not give in to the aggressor’s demands as a person Not On The Side Of Good.

Hedges gets his own opinion.  The great thing about America is I get to call his opinion short-sighted, repugnant and yes, evil, and you in turn jerry get to clutch your pearls and go “Zandar called that person evil!”

And then I get to be sarcastic back about it.  Yay opinions!

We really should warn people about stocking up on unguents before trying to outsnark the regulars here. And yes, I co-sign the notion that not only is it ridiculous and kinda evil to blame victims of racism for bringing it on themselves, but it also puts Hedges in the curious (read: astoundingly hypocritical) position of infantilizing the very people he accuses the left of condescending to—“Oh, those poor Tea Partiers! They are so angry! They don’t know any better than to spit and call people ‘faggot’ and ‘nigger’ and threaten their lives! That is simply their simple country folk way of using the ‘language of rebellion!’”

Again, my challenge to Hedges is to get off his ass, go to a few Tea Party rallies with signs in favor of single-payer healthcare and nationalized banks, and see how many new “populist” and “anti-corporate” best buds he ends up with.

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