One of the best blog posts of the year

I honestly don’t know if Barack Obama’s takedown of Rev. Jeremiah Wright today was a good move or a bad one (exceedingly precious time will tell), but newly-minted Democrat John Cole put the whole media-fueled debacle in ass-kicking perspective:

As to Wright himself, well, I have my own thoughts. First and foremost, I guess I am no longer the delicate fainting flower that most other bloggers and media commenters are these days. I spent several years in the early days of this blog being all sorts of outraged about petty bullshit. I spent days calling Ted Rall an asshole (he still is, I think), days opining about what an asshole Michael Moore is, and so on. I got my panties all in a bunch about Ward Churchhill (also a dick), and stupid things Bill Maher may or may not have said, and so on.

And you know what? They may be assholes, or jerks, or whatever term you want to use, but they sure as hell didn’t run this economy into the ground. They aren’t responsible for turning a huge surplus into a several hundred billion dollar deficit. I have yet to read any memos from Barbra Streisand detailing how we should spy on American citizens.

And so it is with Jeremiah Wright. Is he a jerk? I don’t think there is any argument to be made that lately he hasn’t in fact been one big, giant, puckered asshole. His ego tour the past few days was all about him, but so what? I blame the media as much as I blame him. Is it an offensive notion that the government created aids? Absolutely, but I refuse to get all bent out of shape about it, because the government that tortures people and ran the Tuskegee experiment and wiretapped MLK for years opens itself up to crazy accusations like that.

Read it all. And if you happen to be in close proximity to Joe Scarborough or Larry Johnson, please rub their fucking noses in it.

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Joe actually thought Obama did the best he could have done for himself in today’s presser about Rev. Wright.

Ol’ Joe thought Obama was energized & passionate, showing anger & disappointment over the Rev. Wrights mocking of him and many others at the National Press Club. He thought he spoke with fiery anger about how he disagreed vehemently with most if not all the things that Rev. Wright mockingly spoke about during his ‘performance’ at the National Press Club breakfast. He said he thought Obama had done a great job considering that he was disavowing a person he had considered a friend for 20 years, this after seeing a very ugly side of his (former) friend.
That was pretty much his synopsis.. I was kind of shocked.. Every once in a while ol’ Joe catches a clue.

I forgot to mention also, that was a great post by Cole today…

Good stuff.

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