One Rather Expected More—Or Not

Josh Marshall says “You kind of have to see this video.” And he’s exactly right. James O’Keefe has, I am afraid to say, completely descended into farce. And there were such hopes for him, too, weren’t there? But anyhow:

You know, when young James took it upon himself to manufacture an essentially fallacious narrative about ACORN that ultimately resulted in the disbanding of the group, I thought he’d got his foot in the door for star treatment on the wingnut welfare circuit but would need to up his game to remain viable for long. His output since has been hit or miss, mostly miss. Probably because he makes things up. And then there are the occasional civil prices paid. He’s a damn liability to any credible journalism outfit, and even conservative media seems a little tired of him. That why I guess he’s on this topical tip—one could hope for his sake he’s trolling to fund some bigger project, but it looks mostly like performance art and bottom-feeding.

So what’s a boy to do?

It would be neat if he applied himself to knowing the details that make foreign ISIL fighters crossing our borders nearly irrelevant, like the way that ISIL uses propaganda to recruit people right here in the west—even the US. O’Keefe must know how dangerous propaganda can be by now, certainly? He could even bother looking into how threats that ISIL makes regarding potential attacks here are aspirational and reflect the mixed messages ISIL keeps trying to make to project strength. Or even ask what kind of wall would have protected Australia (get a map, if you like, Jimmy) from terror plans. Porous border much?

He’s a disappointment. One wants better targets of one’s loathing, don’t you think?

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There’s much irony in your last sentence, Vixen.

One would think you would want better targets for you loathing as well, instead of going with the lazy choice.

Yes, I suppose, as a blogger, I too am a disappointment. Focusing on O’Keefe alone is too easy—but he does serve as a reasonable stand-in for confirmation-bias posing as journalism. Because of his (debunked) efforts, as late as 2013, congress was still putting language to defund ACORN in bills, years after ACORN was defunct. His work was used in part in the battle to defund NPR, and his tactics used in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Whether what he does is legitimate makes little difference to his intended audience—but that audience includes elected office-holders, and in a world where someone like Louie Gohmert can speak with a straight face about “terror babies”, even the farcical will be traded as valued currency on the fringe.

Probably because he makes things up.

So does everyone else in the wingnutosphere.

One would think you would want better targets for you loathing as well, instead of going with the lazy choice.

Woah, the irony.

You, “Dark Avenger,” under your various pseudonyms, have been stalking the female bloggers here for several years now, when you haven’t been trolling with pointless drivel that adds nothing to discussions.

You have been banned, as you well know - on your first extended appearance here way back, you practically begged to be banned, and we eventually gave you what you wanted because you’re such a relentless tool, so why are you still commenting? We’ve made it clear you’re not welcome here, but you persist, tirelessly, and always tiresomely.

The various “email addresses” you’ve given over the years have included variations on the words “spooge,” “funbag,” and similar juvenile shit which would be misogynistic if it wasn’t so pathetic. I presume you intend to shock the delicate sensibilities of our female bloggers. Here’s a hint for you - they don’t see them, as admin’s taken care of by somebody else, so you might as well pack it in. And they’re adults - hence not likely to be shocked by the jibes of a mental dwarf in any case - which is more than I can say about you, given your behavior.

If you’re not happy with what people write about here, or indeed the people who write here, why don’t you fuck off and start your own blog - perhaps one that doesn’t express your loathing and psychotic obsession with Frank DiSalle, whoever he is - rather than leeching off here for your seedy kicks?

I’d say get a life, but that might involve you escaping your shed and bothering people in the real world.

Here’s a wee primer on trolls for you:

In yet another instance of science belatedly confirming what common sense has already told us, a new paper from researchers at three Canadian universities concludes that Internet trolls aren’t just mean — they’re sadists and psychopaths.

The paper, published last week in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, surveyed a group of several hundred on their Internet behaviors and personal traits. It found that trolling correlated with higher rates of sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, a certain lack of scruples when it comes to deceiving or manipulating other people.

“… it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists,” the paper rules.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been “trolled” online before. For those of you that have not, know first that you are living a blessed existence — and second, that online “trolls” are frequently anonymous people who provoke discord and discomfort online, often just because they can.
But the intriguing thing about this new study by researchers from University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and University of British Columbia is the idea that trolling behavior springs not from the opportunity provided by the Internet, but from innate characteristics people possess both online and off.

This is what you’ve become. Be proud. Now fuck off. Again.

YAFB, lovely to hear from you, and a lovely response to a total creep and idiot. 

On topic, O’Keefe reminds me of the few weasel-faced proto-republican operatives I knew in high school, though 2 of those grew up (really! Well, sort of) to infest the backroom works of the state rethug party.  That they have done so while my state grows more and more purple to blue each year is the fun part of the story.  O’Keefe makes such a fool of himself in that video that I have to wonder who his audience is other than fellow poor-reality-testers; the Kochs don’t pay for crap this pathetic.

Oh, by the way - the great border blockage scheduled for today, didn’t happen.

very wow
much surprise

@Pere Ubu Yeah, they’re blaming it on the cartels, who took time out from their busy schedules to post scary things on a teabagger’s web page.

Down the rabbit hole, we go . . . .

YAFB, the creepy troll you’re seeing had infested Sadly, No! for years.  It’s a persistent little shit with nothing better to do.  Sorry it found its way here.

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