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I’m guessing my fellow Rumproasters are dealing with hurricane fall-out. Here’s an open thread. I hope everyone is okay.

PS: A dog!


Posted by Betty Cracker on 10/30/12 at 11:50 AM • Permalink

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What a purty girl!

We here in SW Ohio weren’t anticipating much from Sandy, but we did get heavy, damaging winds over the past few days, especially over last night. And the resulting cold front gave us some snow, just enough to cover the cars last night.

Not bad, especially compared to the damage in the Mid-Atlantic and Coastal states. My heart goes out to those people and their families. I hope relief has kicked in already for them.

Snow! Oy! It’s chilly here for FL (currently 64) but otherwise clear, sunny and lovely. Sandy took all the humidity with her, I guess.

I love, love, love Boxers! I may be a cat staff/person, but the dogs in the short-nose category are my favorites.  Maybe because we share the same sleep characteristics (the ability to snore contentedly for hours on end). 

I’ve been looking over the web for some info on the NE; it looks bad though FEMA seems up to the task and utilized thoughtful pre-storm preparedness planning.  I’d like a few more reports on the ground though, and it is probably a measure of how bad it was that there hasn’t been time for much of that yet.  How they’ll get that broken crane parted up and off the roof of that monument to the super rich in NYC will be an interesting thing to follow. 

I was reading the comments of a NYC-based blog last night and they suddenly disappeared, but they were back today, so Edroso’s digital place survived.

The song FORWARD made me realize Romney forgot a lesson from Spock: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.

Sharing it again…. Forward

Oh, and if anything reveals that lesson, it’s recovering from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Bet both Mitt and Trump made sure to be as far away from it all as possible…and have no concern for those who couldn’t afford to get out of the way.

Got to work Monday around 2PM, ahead of the brunt of the storm, lost power around 11PM, worked until 9AM Tuesday.  Not a lot of damage on site, thankfully. Got home, a huge oak had dropped several large branches where my car would have been had I been home.  Never lost power at home.

Heard from a co-worker that he was unable to get to work, was back on the job by 4:30PM.  Toured the site with one of the big mucky-mucks from the head office, pointing out what little damage had occurred, continued working in the dark until midnight.


Still, it was a hell of a lot better for me than Irene was last year.

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