Open Your OWN Eyes, Toddy

Sure, Todd Rundgren’s acquaintance with Nazz predated his spectacular solo career as a composer, singer, instrumental powerhouse, and multi-media pioneer. But, geez, did their only music video have to be a slapstick rip-off of the Monkees?

Fortunately for me, Todd keeps doing things until he gets them nice, tight, and RIGHT.

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Goofball trivia: that video’s made by Ray Dennis Steckler, the cinematic genius who gave us Rat Pfink a Boo Boo and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stoped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies.

This post title kinda blows my mind. I posted Boris Karloff’s great, chilling lines from The Body Snatcher at Super Karate Monkey Death Car a couple of weeks ago and subsequently watched the whole movie:

You can’t build life the way you put blocks together, Toddy…. Did Knox teach you what makes the blood flow? Did he tell you how thoughts come and how they go, and why things are remembered and forgot?... What makes a thought start?... You don’t know and you’ll never know or understand…. Look, look at yourself. Could you be a doctor, a healing man, with the things those eyes have seen? There’s a lot of knowledge in those eyes, but no understanding.

@Big Bad Bald Bastard:

Your death will be indescribable!

Are you kidding?  Have you SEEN the cover of ‘Liars’?  That dood doesn’t have a serious bone in his body if he ain’t got a gitar in his hands…

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